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Fans Say Kim Kardashian SKKN Line Is Cheap Like Her Bleached Hair?

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After being berated by fans for her flimsy SKIMS clothing line, Kim Kardashian is again under public scrutiny for alleged sub-standard skincare products. The reality star recently launched her new skincare line under the brand SKKN on June 21. The package includes a 9-step beauty routine priced at $673.

Fans Express Disappointment At SKKN’s Quality

With this high price, one might assume that the product is of excellent quality. However, customers weren’t exactly pleased with what was delivered to them. As per The Sun, some took to Twitter to express their disbelief and disappointment. One user tweeted that they ordered the SKKN moisturizer refill only to see that it didn’t come with a screw-on top. Once the pack is opened, it needs to be stored immediately in an air-tight container.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

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Another purchaser didn’t seem pleased with the package’s container. They wrote that the package looked very cheap similar to her bleached blonde hair. The fan even put up a question asking what made her product so special to be bought at the given price point. The user further asked if the formulas were created by a scientist or dermatologist and if they were meant for women of all ages.

Twitter Dubs Kim Kardashian’s SKKN Products Cheap And Abrasive

A third customer mentioned that the product was a replica of Kanye West, her ex-husband’s creative vision. They added that the brand aesthetic is Yeezy, given that the price of the product is way higher than most luxury skincare brands in the market.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

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A fourth purchaser chimed in with a review of the product. The reviewer dubbed the skincare line an overpriced crap. They also added that the 2nd ingredient in SKKN exfoliating cream is baking soda. The user dubbed the cream abrasive, cheap, and skin barrier destroying. Also mentioned was that the peptide eye cream is packed in higher quantities of maltodextrin as compared to other peptide brands in the market.

Another took harsh criticism to the next level stating that the soon-to-be-lawyer should raise her voice and help people instead of marking up her cheap products. As per SKKN’s official website, the skincare line was designed to act as a bridge between world-renowned dermatologists & folks seeking top-notch skincare.

Kim Kardashian Rebrand KKW As SKKN

These products can either be purchased once or on a subscription basis to get discounts. The SKKN skincare line includes but isn’t limited to toner, exfoliator, eye cream, face cream, cleanser, and more. SKKN came into being after KKW Beauty (Kim Kardashian West Beauty) was rebranded. As Kim isn’t married to the rapper anymore, it seemed obvious that she wished to rebrand the entire line.

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Although fans were delighted at the news of SKKN’s skincare product launch, the price was a big turnoff. However, the skincare line now sells for $575, down from its initial $673 price tag.

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