Ben Affleck's 10yr Old Drives Lamborghini Into BMW With JLo In Back? [ABC News | YouTube]

Ben Affleck’s 10yr Old Drives Lamborghini Into BMW With JLo In Back?

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Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old drove his Lamborghini into a BMW. The interesting part is that Affleck’s fiance Jennifer Lopez was reportedly in the backseat while this went down. His son Samuel Garner Affleck was fooling around and wanted to get behind the wheel.

According to the Lamborghini Paramus, these vehicles typically cost around $200,000. It’s not the kind of car that kids should be playing around with. Of course, most kids shouldn’t be allowed to drive at that age.

That wasn’t the case for Affleck’s son who jumped into the driver’s seat. He ended up hitting the BMW in front of them. Read on to learn more about this bizarre story.

Ben Affleck Lets Son Drive Lambo [ABC News | YouTube]
[ABC News | YouTube]

Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old backs Lambo into BMW

Per TMZ, Ben Affleck’s son was only playing around. He didn’t expect the car to get out of control. His son put the car in reverse while it was still running. Affleck’s son backed into the BMW behind them. As seen in the photos on the TMZ website, he jumped out of the car and looked over at the cars to see what happened.

The incident took place on Sunday, June 26. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shopped at 777 Exotics, which is a luxury car rental dealership based in Beverly Hills. The couple was shopping around for cars after they shopped around for million-dollar mansions. The Gone Girl star allowed his son to jump into the driver’s seat of a yellow Lambo he had his eye on.

Ben Affleck Lambo Incident [Entertainment Tonight | YouTube]
[Entertainment Tonight | YouTube]
Meanwhile, Lopez jumped into the backseat. Either Samuel or someone else left the engine running. Samuel accidentally put the car into reverse and hit the BMW behind them. Despite the incident, both Samuel and Lopez had smiles on their faces. Meanwhile, Affleck looked angry as he waved his hands at the salespeople.

The rear bumper on the passenger side of the Lambo made contact with the BMW’s front wheel and its fender. Samuel jumped out of the car when the accident happened. He immediately went around to the other side to see what happened.

Is everyone okay?

Thankfully, it was just a harmless accident. Ben Affleck’s rep told TMZ that there was no damage to either vehicle. Everyone was okay at the time of the incident. The actor wasn’t happy when it happened and had to act like a parent.

An employee who works for that car dealership also confirmed to the outlet that there was no accident. It was just an unfortunate incident. Both vehicles were parked close together. However, it’s unclear why Affleck allowed Samuel in the driver’s seat and drive it. Also, no one explained why he inspected both cars after the minor crash happened.

While the two cars did hit each other, there was very little damage. It’s probably an easy fix for the dealership. What are your thoughts on Ben Affleck allowing his son to drive? Sound off below in the comment section.

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