Jared Padalecki Breaks Silence Following Car Accident

Jared Padalecki - Instagram

Supernatural fans were devastated over the weekend when they learned Jared Padalecki was in a really bad car accident. His co-star and friend Jensen Ackles broke the news while attending a convention over the weekend. Jensen explained that Jared was lucky to be alive as the car was in really bad shape. Fans were in shock. They, however, were also relieved to know he survived and wished for a speedy recovery.

Sadly, fans had not heard from Jared Padalecki himself since they learned of his accident. They were hopeful they would hear from him soon. Fortunately, the actor finally broke his silence yesterday when he took to both Instagram and Twitter.

Jensen ackles -Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki breaks silence following his car accident

Jared took to Instagram and Twitter yesterday to share a photo of himself with his daughter, Odette. The actor had a huge smile on his face as he rested his head on top of his daughter’s head. She also had a massive smile on her face as she cuddled close to daddy.

Jared started off his post by saying hello to all of his fans and followers. He proceeded to thank everyone for all of the love and support he has received as he recovers following his car accident.

I’m definitely on the mend and hoping to return to filming later this week. I’m so lucky to have had the best care and be surrounded by people who love me. So grateful for everyone.”

He concluded his post with hashtags for both his Supernatural family and his Walker family.

Jared Padalecki - Instagram
Jared Padalecki – Instagram

His followers react to his post

Jared Padalecki’s 6.1 million Instagram followers liked his post over 400,000 times within 24 hours. They also left over 7,000 comments. Unsurprisingly, there was nothing but love in the comments of his Instagram post. Both Supernatural and Walker fans were relieved he was on the mend. They urged him to take all of the time he needed to recover before he returned to filming.

Just a few hours ago his co-star Jensen Ackles left a sweet comment on his post noting “Love y’a, brother.” Another Supernatural co-star, Mark Sheppard also left a comment. He, however, kept it simple with a heart emoji. Several other actors and actresses Jensen has worked with chimed into the comments to wish him well.

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