Josh Duggar’s Changed Appearance In New Prison Transfer Video Shocks Fans

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Josh Duggar has been transferred to prison, and there’s a new video of him online now. Fans of TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On can’t stop talking about how different he looks after a few months in jail. Keep reading to check out the new video and see what fans have to say about it.

If you haven’t been following Josh’s case closely, or if you need a refresher, here’s a quick rundown of everything that’s happened so far. Josh was arrested in the spring of 2021. He then went to trial in November and was found guilty in December. Since he was convicted, he’s been in the Washington County Jail, which is located in Arkansas.

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The eldest Duggar son had his sentencing date in May and was handed a 12.5-year sentence. After he was sentenced, roughly a month ago, he remained in the Washington County Jail.

Now, he’s officially being transferred to a federal facility.

Watch Josh Duggar’s prison transfer video.

In the video below, which was shared by KNWA Fox 24you can see Josh Duggar being moved from the county jail. The eldest Duggar son is in a navy blue suit.

At this point, it has not been revealed which facility Josh Duggar is heading to. This is all typically kept under wraps. There is not a federal prison facility located in Arkansas, which is where his family lives.

Fans are shocked by his change in appearance.

On Facebook, Reddit, and other social media, Duggar fans are talking about how different Josh looks these days. Many of them noticed that his suit seems to fit him much more snugly than before. They think this is proof that he’s gained weight behind bars.

One fan says, “His blue suit looks pretty snug.” Someone says he looks “huge” these days.

Another fan speculates why Josh Duggar is wearing a suit, writing, “That suit coat won’t even button. He is probably in the suit because it is what he wore when he was first booked.”


Someone else comments, “He must be eating pretty good at the tax payers expense.” Others wonder if Jim Bob Duggar, his father, is sending him money to buy snacks while behind bars.

So, what do you think of Josh Duggar’s latest appearance? Do you agree with fans that it looks like he’s gained weight? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family updates.

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