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Audrey Roloff Panics As Radley Bubbles Under Water

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Panic could be heard overwhelming Audrey Roloff in a recent Instagram Story. As those who follow Audrey know, she’s a huge advocate of teaching infants and toddlers to swim. The former LPBW star horrified everyone when she shared videos and photos of Bode and Ember learning to swim and float. Audrey brought all those feelings back to the surface when she revealed that Radley started taking the same lessons after turning six months old. At the time, Audrey made sure to note that infants as young as six months old are completely safe in the water learning to swim and float.

A recent video from Audrey’s Instagram Stories, however, painted a slightly different picture of the mother-of-three. In her voice, fans could hear panic as she questioned if her son was really alright in the water. What happened with Radley that got Audrey in such a panic? Keep reading for the details.

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Jeremy and Audrey Roloff and family/Credit: Audrey Roloff Instagram


Audrey Roloff panics as Radley bubbles under the water

During recent roll and float lessons for Radley, Audrey Roloff began to panic. Her voice could be heard in the background as she recorded Radley and shared it on Instagram. She noticed that Radley seemed to be slipping under the water and there were bubbles everywhere. Audrey called out to the instructor asking about her son going under the water with bubbles everywhere. Was he alright? Did he need a break?

The swim instructor reassured Audrey Roloff that her son was completely safe. The instructor clarified that the bubbles were a good thing. The bubbles meant that he was breathing. Not seeing bubbles would be a bigger concern.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Instagram

Audrey admitted that she wants Radley to get better to where he can successfully float on his back so there aren’t any bubbles. Talking to the camera, she admits the entire thing made her a bit concerned for her son. At the end of the day, however, she knows this is an invaluable skill he’s learning.

The swimming instructor later noted that Radley had mostly gotten the skill done. At this point in time, the instructor was providing a little assistance. But, Radley was mostly doing it on his own. Soon they suspected the little guy would build enough confidence to do it completely on his own.

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

Bode Roloff also had swimming lessons

The video shifted to Bode Roloff getting swimming lessons as well. There was less panic and fear in Audrey’s voice as she cheered Bode on while he practiced floating and moving around in the water.

Do you understand why Audrey Roloff panicked? How do you feel about infant swimming lessons?

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