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Audrey Roloff Plays Favorites With Children, How?

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Little People, Big World fans admit they’ve been somewhat relieved that none of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s children have red hair. Why? Well, because fans are convinced Audrey has an unhealthy obsession with the idea of her children having red hair. Audrey Roloff has made a big deal more than a few times about none of her children sharing her ruby red hair. And, fans think she would definitely play favorites with one of her children if they had red hair.

Audrey Roloff’s recent Instagram activity, however, has fans thinking she’s playing favorites with her children even without red hair to factor into the equation. As TvShowsAce reported a while back, fans were concerned for her daughter Ember as she appeared to be displaced and unhappy in a lot of family photos.

Which child do fans think is Audrey’s favorite? Keep reading for the details.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Instagram

Audrey Roloff embraces infants learning to swim

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Audrey Roloff terrified Instagram when Bode and Ember took swimming lessons a while back. The video clips of Bode being tossed in the water and struggling to stay afloat sent fans reeling. Audrey Roloff admitted to fans that she knew watching Ember and Bode in the water was scary. But, she also knew that her children learning how to float and swim would decrease the chances of accidental drowning.

Recently, Audrey has started to show video clips of her infant son Radley learning the same roll and float techniques that fans watched in horror as Bode learned.

Audrey Roloff Instagram

In a recent video, Audrey Roloff could be heard in the background. She was terrified and second-guessing if Radley was safe in the water. On Reddit and Facebook, fans thought it was a bit hypocritical that she was so concerned for Radley’s wellbeing. Fans insisted she never seemed that concerned about Bode or Ember when it was their time to learn to swim. Some fans speculated the real reason Audrey was so concerned was that she considered Radley to be her favorite.

She takes him just about everywhere

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff make a big deal out of going on one date night a week. They’ve also been doing a fair amount of traveling. Fans have taken notice of the fact that Bode and Ember get left with babysitters often. Audrey, however, always takes Radley with them regardless of where they are going.

Audrey Roloff Instagram

Do you think Audrey Roloff is favoring Radley over her other children? Share your thoughts in the comments down below.

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