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How Will Tony & Mykelti Padron Afford 3 Kids, Do They Have Jobs?

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Tony and Mykelti Padron just announced that they are expecting twins. This is huge and exciting news for the Brown/Padron families. However, as excited as fans are, they have some questions. One of the biggest is how will the couple afford three children?

Tony And Mykelti Padron’s Love Story, Welcoming Avalon

It was a whirlwind courtship for Tony and Mykelti. No sooner had they started dating did they have marriage on the brain. Around the time that Mykelti’s sister Maddie was preparing for her big day, Tony had a question for Kody and Christine. He was ready to ask for their daughter’s hand in marriage. Reluctantly, they agreed and started to plan their nuptials. Ultimately, the duo had a Mexican-infused wedding in December 2016 that incorporated sneakers, tacos, and pinatas. At the time, Tony was a banker but he ended up switching jobs which had fans and her family leery. Could he support her and a possible family?

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Four years after they tied the knot, they shared the big news that they were expecting their first child. The reveal happened via video chat due to the pandemic but they did come to Flagstaff for the gender reveal. Excitedly, they learned they were having a baby girl. Avalon Asa arrived in April of 2021 with Christine by Mykelti’s side. One of the best parts of Christine leaving Kody and moving to Utah was being close to Mykelti for all of the big moments. Recently, followers started to speculate Mykelti might be pregnant again but she never responded until now. Along with Tony, they shared they are expecting twins around December. Yet fans are questioning just how they will afford three under two.

Too Much, Too Soon?

Tony and Mykelti Padron seem over the moon to expand their family. However, twins are a lot and fans want to know just how they will be able to support them plus Avalon. They took to Reddit to express their feelings:

  • “Genuinely curious…How can they afford three kids??? Do they work? I can’t even afford myself right now. How am I doing life wrong? Lol”
  • “Yeah, I was curious too. She’s 24 and about to have three kids under 2; didn’t finish school and no career.”
  • “You don’t have a huge social media following to sell your MLM stuff to. I am truly curious how much she makes from that. And idk about Tony but I thought he always had a decent job.”

  • “You know they are getting full blown public assistance in every way they can. Her mommas know how to work the system and I’m sure they’ve passed on the secrets.”

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Here’s where it stands now. Tony was in banking but left to work from home in video games and Mykelti has her hand in MLMs. She was selling LuLaRoe but now works with her mom Christine as well as Janelle and Maddie in Plexus. Christine and Janelle have been highly successful so hopefully, they have trade secrets for Mykelti. Finally, she’s on Cameo and just sold her pregnancy announcement to People. Here’s to a prosperous pregnancy and fruitful life.

Do you think will be able to thrive? Let us know in the comments.

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