‘Unexpected’ Jason Korpi Post Addiction Stats, Defends Epidural Rage

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Unexpected cast member Jason Korpi was adamant about his girlfriend, Kylen Smith not getting an epidural. He was convinced their son would be born an addict if she got one. This was a debate that lingered through the tell-all and it is clear that Jason has yet to let up.

The Unexpected Controlling Pregnancy

Tell-all host Ananda Lewis questioned what was wrong with Jason. In all of the seasons, they had never seen someone as awful as Jason. His father, Scott tried to attribute it to his age and immaturity level. However, Lewis maintained that they have had plenty of nineteen-year-olds who never behaved like him. He spent his entire first season dictating to his baby mama Kylen what she was supposed to do. Jason did not want her to be around her parents as they treated her like a child. He wanted to be extremely hands-on when it came to the delivery so he wanted a home birth. That was not exactly what Kylen felt was best for her but she went with what Jason preferred. This was when fans really started to have issues with him.


They found him to be rude, abusive, and manipulative. Eventually, petitions circulated for the removal of Jason, and viewers were calling out TLC to stop enabling him. It got even worse when Kylen went into labor but the birthing center sent the couple to the hospital. She was starting to experience maternal exhaustion and needed fluids which Jason refused. At the hospital, they highly suggested an epidural for the safety of the baby. Jason put up a fight and was thrown out of the hospital. He could not believe that she accepted the shot and would not let it go. Now, he is posting addict statistics to try to prove his point.

Proof Is In The Pudding

At the Unexpected tell-all, Jason was called out for his reaction to the epidural. Ananda asked him why it was okay for him to vape but the epidural was off-limits. Furthermore, his co-stars chimed in. They all had epidurals yet they were not addicted to them nor were they craving them afterward. He said he was okay with weed and vaping but nothing hard and he declared that there was fentanyl in the epidural. In his mind, this was going to get his child addicted. He also believed that it was harmful to Kylen and that she betrayed him by doing what was best for their child.


Earlier, he shared a graph on his Instagram story. It was all about drugs and what caused addictions. His whole thinking behind the post was that fentanyl causes 39K drug overdoses. Sadly, he is not realizing that this is for people who are conscious addicts. Kylen was literally getting a pain reliever to ease the stress and strain put on her body by labor. More so, she would not have done this had she not been in labor for hours. She might not have even gone this route had she been able to give birth in a hospital from the get-go like she had wanted to.

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