‘Unexpected’ Fans To Jason Korpi: Stop Begging, Get A Job

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Unexpected fans have disliked Jason Korpi since he was introduced this season. His controlling and manipulative ways were often considered abusive. Therefore, viewers wanted him removed from the show and wished Kylen would leave and get some help. Unfortunately, it seemed no one could talk sense into her at all. Now, his most recent move is further angering fans and they have some words for the teen dad.

Jason And Kylen Think They Are Unexpected

When the couple came into the established TLC reality series, they entered with a bang. Jason was already under fire for possible physical abuse before the season began. That did not matter to him because, as a newbie, he was more than ready to leave his mark. Along with his girlfriend and baby mama Kylen, they were expecting a little boy. Even though it was not planned, he boasted about being a “professional rawdogger,” something that made stomachs churn. Admittedly, he hated to use protection and was not upset when he found out they were having a baby. Then he started dictating all of the rules to Kylen like where she would have the baby and if she could or could not have drugs.


Fans were up in arms over the way he was telling her what she could do with her body. They felt he had no right to dictate any of this. Furthermore, he was very big on keeping her away from her family. Though her parents wanted to see her and she wanted to see them, he felt they treated her like a child. During all of this, they never disciplined Jason for his behavior. Things truly escalated when Kylen went into labor and needed an epidural but Jason raged. He felt she betrayed him and could not let it go. It got so bad that he withheld their son from her as some form of control and punishment. Then, he needed money.

Not Rolling In The Dough

Despite claiming he and Kylen were the show at the Unexpected tell-all, Jason struggled to afford formula for his newborn son. Kylen was telling him which one was the most affordable when his mom was going to buy it. It was then suggested he go on government assistance. Recently, he and Kylen caught heat for posting a clickbait sonogram for money on their Instagram accounts. Now he has added their joint CashApp to his profile and with an arraignment lingering, fans were livid.


  • Get a job
  • Get a job Jason. You’re a dad now. All grown up by
  • Get a job lazy
  • He should take a tip from Lawrence go find a job and support his family!
  • Now he’s scamming money from people to pay his legal expenses and fines instead of being a man and getting a job. Oh I forgot you can’t get a job since you made a career with being a criminal that abuses people

Essentially fans want him to stop begging and start actually working. That would be the respectful way but, of course, there will always be those who feel bad for Kylen and Xavier. What are your thoughts on him posting their CashApp on social media and would you donate? Let us know in the comments below.




Amanda Nowitz

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