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‘My Feet Are Killing Me’ Man Describes Feet As ‘Horror Movie’

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It’s not for everyone, but TLC’s My Feet Are Killing Me has a pretty dedicated fan base. Some TLC subscribers really love the medical shows. But some others feel squeamish whenever they watch a trailer.

But during a recent episode, fans saw something they never could have imagined possible. Keep reading to learn more about the My Feet Are Killing Me guest who describes his feet as a “horror movie.”

My Feet Are Killing Me: Dr. Haller takes on a very special case

Any My Feet Are Killing Me fan can recall their favorite case. But one patient’s case in a recent episode is a bit more extreme than anything any fan has seen before.

And this may very well be Dr. Haller’s most insane case yet.

My Feet Are Killing Me/TLC

The new patient’s name is Hollace and he has a pretty severe case of foot fungus. But there’s a catch — he’s been bleaching his feet to handle the fungus and terrible smell.

Of course, Dr. Haller is mortified when she hears the news and asks Hollace to stop it at once. Viewers definitely had strong opinions on this. My Feet Are Killing Me‘s own Dr. Brad even tweeted out a warning against this technique.

Hollace describes his own foot condition as a “horror show” while Dr. Holler compares the smell to “hot garbage.” Needless to say, Hollace and his wife are desperate for solutions.

Fortunately, Dr. Holler has the answers. It’s a lot of work, but she is able to clean up Hollace’s fungus problem and get rid of the horrible smell.

My Feet Are Killing Me/TLC

What do you think of the situation? Are you surprised Dr. Holler got it under control? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

The TLC show has some pretty intense cases

Hollace’s case of foot fungus was pretty gnarly. But it’s still probably not even the worst thing viewers have seen on My Feet Are Killing Me. In another recent episode, Dr. Vincent ended up plucking over 200 growths and lesions from a patient’s foot.

The patient in question was ashamed of his feet, much like Hollace. But the doctors managed to take care of him and get his feet into much better shape. He left the show happy and satisfied with Dr. Vincent’s work.

What’s your favorite My Feet Are Killing Me episode? Leave your thoughts in the comments and let everyone know what you think.

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