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‘LPBW’ Fans Call Zach Roloff ‘Disgusting’ Over Murphy’s Treatment?

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LPBW (Little People, Big World) fans feel that Zach Roloff treats his dog, Murphy, in a “disgusting” way. Online, fans are discussing the family’s TLC show and are claiming that Zach doesn’t take good care of the dog. So, what exactly are fans worried about? Keep reading to get all of the details and find out what TLC viewers have to say.

If you have been watching the family’s TLC show or if you follow them on social media, you may know about their dog, Murphy. He is a Bernese Mountain Dog. They previously had another Bernese Mountain Dog, but he sadly died of cancer.

Zach Roloff, YouTube, LPBW

In addition to having a dog to care for, Zach and Tori also have three kids, Jackson, 5, Lilah, 2, and Josiah, 1 month. While their parenting moves have been called into question many times, now, the couple is being criticized for how they treat their pup.

LPBW fans call Zach Roloff ‘disgusting’ for how he treats Murphy.

On Reddit, LPBW fans are discussing the show and pointing out the things they dislike about it. Murphy also came up in the conversation, and fans are talking about the way that Tori and Zach treat their dog.

A concerned fan writes, “Did anyone else notice Zack saying ‘Who brought the dog in?’ in an annoyed voice?? REALLY?? SHAME on you Zack!! 😡 I was wondering why poor Murphy is always outside looking in through the windows. Why have a dog if you’re not going to include it as a real member of your family? Absolutely disgusting.”

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One fan says, “How people treat their pets tells you a lot. They’re trash people.”

Another LPBW viewer thinks that Murphy is treated like “crap” by Tori and Zach. Someone else is hoping that Murphy might be rescued and placed in a better home.

“I also noticed in the episode where Jackson got home from the hospital Murphy goes up to Jackson then Zach because he was excited and Zach leans away and pushed Murphy away,” explains another viewer.

So, it looks like many LPBW fans agree that it looks like Zach dislikes Murphy. Hopefully, Murphy is loved and taken care of well. But Zach’s actions on the show do have fans concerned for the dog’s wellbeing.

So, do you think that Murphy is treated poorly by Zach Roloff? Do you agree with other LPBW fans about this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest Roloff family news. Plus, don’t miss new episodes of Little People, Big World on Tuesdays on TLC.

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  1. I agree that Murphy isn’t treated fairly ( as they used to). Maybe three children plus a dog is too much for them to handle along with being upset they weren’t able to purchase the farm from Matt. They’re holding a grudge that isn’t fair…..especially if it’s also toward Murphy! I would love to have him if they don’t want the responsibility anymore!!!

    1. I agree the dog isn’t treated as a loving family member now. Zack also is leaving Tori to carry the conversations, esp. unpleasant topics. As for Jackson’s surgery-he had very similar surgery yet doesn’t seem concerned.

      1. I think this is becoming the Zach and Tori show and I can’t stand either one of them so if they take over I will no longer watch.
        Spoiled and arrogant Zach and Judgmental Tori who believes she is just a little smarter just a little better than the average bear. As far as the dog they treat Matt and Caryn just as bad. Again didn’t get their way!

          1. As a school teacher one would think her vocabulary would include many words. So why is it every other word is “like” it’s beyond annoying!

        1. You people really have no life.. You get to watch a show where the network controls the narrative. You sit on your couch contributing nothing but your stupid opinion! You’re not important! Internet bully!! Your probably so sensitive that you couldn’t handle someone saying your breath is bad without getting your undie ruffles in a bunch. So shut up with criticizing someone about something you really know nothing about!

          1. How they treat their dog is no one business does it stun you morons that millions of people keep their dogs outside . Also guess what kids are far more important than dogs. So just let a big dog knock over a boy that recently had surgery? You’re exactly right Life coach Ignoramuses

        2. I commented on that to my daughter a few months ago, this is the Zach and Tori show, they are in every episode.It gets boring to be honest. I realize Molly, Jeremy, and Jacob have moved on, so it doesn’t leave many options for the viewers. I do like to see Chris and Amy, Matt and Caryn on the show though.

        3. I’d treat Matt and Caryn the same way too!!! Caryn has no right to even get involved in the farm sales or anything else! And Matt is a greedy person. I’ll be nice because I have choice words for him. He’s ruined his relationship with 2 sons and treats the baby of the children like gold. He can care less that he’s ruined 2 relationships especially his own children. I think the dog is just huge and they are small so they have to be careful with his size. I don’t believe in keeping a dog outside at all but then again we only see a few minutes of clips that were put together to make a show. We don’t know how they truly are with him!

        4. Zach never wanted the dog. Its his wife dog so she should take care of it. As for treating someone badly Zach treats his dad like hell and holds a fridge. It I think its Toris huge bad attitude that makes me sick. She acts like a child. Maybe she needs to get out and work for a living. I never see either of them doing any work. They are living off the show . Just remember it was a family that made that show and without your dad there would be no show. Stop treating him like crap..

        5. Agree, i noticed the treatment of the dog when Jackson came home from same day surgery…not a fan of either of them or they way the treat poor Murphy. I hope someone causes a stink over it and he gets rehomed..

        6. Well put! I feel the same way. Seems like Daddy O has the pull for the TLC show. I don’t see those guys getting their show too many fans are now disgusted with him. He didn’t even wish His dad a happy Father’s Day this year. Now if this is written in the script and played out.. then they all need to go. Shameful to say the least.

    2. I agree…I noticed when Murphy got yelled at by zach when Jackson got home too..he might be a dwarf,but he’s got a giant tude!!!😡😡😡

    3. I totally agree with you. Poor Murphy, he is treated like an outcast. They need to give him to a home that will include him in the family. I have grown increasingly disappointed in the show. Zach and Tori’s childish behavior over them not getting the farm is getting old. I have followed the show from the beginning and Jeremy was always the one that wanted it. What about the other children. Zach has always been the favored child, especially from Amy.

      1. I don’t think they treat Murphy good either! So let somebody have him that will!!

        It’s too much about them on the show and Lilah isn’t talking in sentences at 3 yrs. old???

        She needs to quit having these babies and concentrate on the ones she has!!!
        Show is losing its appeal to me !!!!!

    4. The way I see everything is there is no way I could bring cameras into my home & have my life judged by millions of self righteous, know better people. We only get glimpses of what goes on in there home & I enjoy this show for what it is. Murphy seems to be a well behave & taken every good care of. As far as the farm no one but the ones involved knows what happened, I personally think Caryn got to involved with the negotiations when she shouldn’t have. No wedding ring on her finger!! Let’s just be happy the Roloff’s invite us in there life’s & remember we don’t know everything that goes on so don’t judge them!

      1. I agree with you…they are a normal young couple with x3 smart..well behaved kids…no arrogance or rudeness. Both Jeremy& Zach were treated unfairly by Matt

    5. Murphy is a big bundle of energy and needs playtime. They all ignore him and yes I agree that Zach doesn’t treat him right. I have noticed in other situations that he shows he has a quick temper. I would have recommended that they got a smaller dog. Murphy deserves to be treated with love and kindness.

    6. As a dog lover and owner I noticed the dog was not welcomed within the family circle at times. Please find a better home for this lovely animal!!!!

  2. I also think that because they have three kids now that they do not have time for Murphy. It is very hard for a dog to realize why all of a sudden he is a burden. He is a large dog but they definitely knew that when they bought him as they already had the same type of dog. A dog requires time and also training and if they didn’t have both they should not have brought this dog into their family! Zach and Tori are complaining so much we probably will not be watching them as recently we thought Murphy was gone as we had not seen him. Now it all makes sense!

    1. Shame on You Zack😞 Murphy is a Beautiful Dog/Friend, Shame Shame Shame on You, Murphy needs to go to A home where he is Loved

    2. Omg I just said the same exact thing!!! Caryn put her nose where it doesn’t belong as usual! She has no right getting involved or saying anything what so ever! I can’t stand her. And as for Matt he’s evil. He is greedy and can care less if the farm stays in the family at all. He’s more worried about money. Probably from spending it all on Caryn and Arizona!!! And for Murphy he is a very huge loving dog. His coat is beautiful and his weight is on point. He doesn’t growl at them or hide or act scared when near any of them. It’s obvious he’s not abused or neglected. We only see snippets of the show that are put together so we only see very little of their life. I like Tori and Zach. I don’t understand why so many people are calling Tori a know it all and Zach choice words. I truly like them. I think Tori is an awesome mama. I still don’t understand why people were calling her a bad mom. I seriously blame everything on Matt and Caryn. Caryn thinks she’s the know it all. She really has absolutely zero rights to get involved in anything period.

  3. Zach and Tori will probably have to quit filming this series very soon since everyone is so mean about everything they do. Goodness people, the dog is beautiful and looks well-cared for. He is always outside with the whole family. Maybe they are teaching him not to jump on them! They are a sweet, caring family that would never (my opinion) mistreat anyone!

      1. Agree what everyone forgets is that the show is edited and we don’t se or know what’s going on all the time and after your child has surgery parents tend to be over protective

  4. The issue about this dog is so petty. Yes, 3 children is a hand full, Tori and Zach is able to make a decision about they dog, stop picking. The dog is not the star in the show I don’t see it that this dog is supposed to be on TV at all times.
    This family need time to take care of the children Zach should follow his brothers and sister and leave this show if people is going to start on they dog Come onk Folks get real.

  5. I think it’s sad the way they ignore the dog. He seems to be very well behaved around the kids . How much time would it take to show the dog some attention and love. He treated as a piece of furniture or something . It’s part of the house but just ignored .
    Especially if the kids are napping or something they could take Murphy outside to play and show him some love.

  6. Remember how tired we got of Kate and her 8? Well I’m there with the Roloffs and all extended friends and family

    1. Absolutely… Zack sure knows how spend his TLC money, buying a million dollar house next to a construction dump lot with old equipment and junk.

  7. i agree that Murphy seems to be very ignored now.Zach seems to me to have a bit of a mean streak in him, just like his Dad!

    1. Did anyone else besides me see them leaving the kids sitting on the counter or high table benches unattended!!!! Seriously dangerous especially for a little person it doesn’t take much of a fall to break or kill them!!!!

      1. I agree, i seen it too, and it blew my mind, i thought i was the inly one that saw tori sitting over on the couch, and lila sitting on the counter in the kitchen, if that is being filmed, why didnt the film crew say something, I WOULD HAVE!!!!!!

  8. The attitude of Zach is sit down and watch Lori do everything. Remember a few years back when they were entertaining a small group ? Zach did not even know how to turn on the Gas grill, had to call Tori. TLC is giving Zach and Tori too much air time. Let him find a job or at least help around the house. Everytime he does his TLC interview he bad mouths someone, lately it’s been his Dad.

  9. Zach is a spoiled brat .Not acknowledging his Dad on Father’s Day is horrible. He probably wanted his Dad to GIVE him the farm and do all the work too !! If he is so upset with his Dad maybe he and his wife should stop having babies, get jobs and stop living off his Father and Mothers show. Pick up your big boy pants and truly be on your own. Tori also feels she is entitled to the farm, I don’t understand why- she never did much except at pumpkin season.

  10. I agree, Murphy is not treated lovingly and is not part of the family, if I were the breeder, I would request that I take him back to give him loving care that he needs. He is a good dog and deserves a better home.

  11. Neither of the parents work, and I can’t understand why they would feel overwhelmed with 3 kids. I have seen Zach push away the dog. It’s pretty sad.

  12. Neither of the parents work, and I can’t understand why they would feel overwhelmed with 3 kids. I have seen Zach push away the dog. It’s pretty sad.

  13. I noticed an Murphy is disliked by Zack & Tori should speak up if she loves Murphy !! Sad to see 😡😡😡 I agree if u don’t want your dog a a family member ??? Find Murphy a home who will love an include him as family !!!

  14. Zack from LP bw is probably just protecting the kids from the overexcitement of the dog. You have to understand because of their short stature the dog is in some ways higher than the kids are. And he’s a lot of weight coming at them. So he has to keep the new baby away from the dog and Lila is still a toddler and she’s probably shorter then the dog. I think sometimes we who look on these shows forget that we’re only seeing a moment in time of their lives and not every minute. So of course we’re only catching 5 minutes here and there. So calm down the rhetoric.

    1. Oh lord come on people do all you people have to stir up trouble just to entertain your selves

  15. I admit I was a little shocked when I heard Zach’s comment about, “who let the dog in.”Maybe I just took it wrong. Maybe because there was gonna be so many people in the house he wanted the dog to stay outside and then somebody let him in anyway. We got to remember we only see a short glimpse into their life every week. I’m choosing to believe they treat their dog very well.

  16. I find Zach and Tori to be immature and a bit cockeyed in their thinking on some things. They had a nice, although small, house when first married. After having Jackson, they made a mistake in buying the green house with all the stairs. Why would you do that with little people in the family? Then, let’s have another baby, so Lilah joins the family. I’m sure there is more involved with having children who are little people. Then…..pregnant again, and unfortunately had a miscarriage. I’m sorry that happened to them, but Tori is not the only woman who has gone through this. Okay, so after appropriate time, Tori is pregnant again. Now they negotiate with Matt for the farm. The deal and Matt and Zach’s relationship both fell off the wagon and now there’s bad blood and i believe Tori is happy to be away from the family. Uh oh, things are at a lull, let’s go buy a boxy house in Washington state and move again to keep Tori happy. [SPOILER] While we know that Josiah has been born even though the show isn’t there yet, I’m sure they won’t just sit back and focus more on raising 3 children. Tori always has to be living her life in a “tornado.” I don’t find her a sympathetic castmate in the least. [I also feel Murphy doesn’t get the love and attention he deserves. Love you, Murphy!]

  17. I think everyone needs to walk a mile in Zach and tori”s shoes before judging them you don’t know how they feel or what’s goes on in their lives their dog looks very well taken care of to me have you ever thought people that are around them may not like dogs jumping on them or may be allergic and as far as being spoiled or rude I don’t think Zach is either he is the only child that stated at the farm and helped take care of it Matt was the one that talked about his grandkids growing up on the farm this is my opinion if you don’t like the people on the show and you want to have a bad attitude about everything then don’t watch the show watch the news maybe people will like you’re negative comments

  18. What I don’t understand is why is everyone mad at Matt. Did Amy not sell her portion of her land to Matt. Why not sell it to Zack, did her

    land not included the big house, barn and a couple of acres. Would you like to know why because she knew darn well Zack could not pay her what she wanted for it. Zack was clearly looking for a handout. If Jeremy couldn’t afford to buy it you know darn well Zack couldn’t. He needs to get a job and stop thinking he’s entitled. Poor little Zack Please.

  19. I think that people are too quick to judge. We aren’t there to witness how Murphy is treated. I would not like a big dog like that to be jumping up on me and I’m not a little person. Everyone should back off unless you have walked a mile in there shoes. Zach and Tori are a delightful couple who love their children and dog very much.i think Matt is greedy and self centred that is why him and Amy got divorced, so not selling the farm to Zach was a very selfish thing to do.

  20. Murphy is beautiful dog l would love to have Murphy if you don’t want to take care of him l got big back yard for him to run

  21. I really feel sorry for the way they treat Murphy, he’s not like part of the family, it’s a shame

  22. My god people!!! I remember when you picked on Tori, and next her child care, now the dog. Give it a rest!! Don’t like how they do things, DON’T watch the show. As for Caryn she reaps what she sows.

    1. I agree 100%. They are doing stuff that most of us do in everyday life. The dog is healthy,just look at it. Zack is just a laid back kind of person. And if a family member did to me what Matt did to Zack I would be pissed too. Lay off people

  23. I feel the dog is truly to big for Zach to handle. When Tori wanted to get another dog, I’m not sure if they took the time to look at the size of the dog. Zach cannot handle something bigger than he is. And, don’t forget they have small children’s in the house. The could seriously get hurt.

  24. Zach is rude just like his father . So it doesn’t surprise me that he treats the dog like he does. Look if Tori and Zach don’t have time for the dog give it to a family who will make that dog a number 1 priority!!! U r on tv people will notice the smallest thing all eyes on u !!! I think Zach keeps a chip on his shoulder 24/7. I think ina one way Tori is I’m sorry to say upset that she has birth all little people . Yet Aubrey and Jeremy have not . She showed her true colors when she found out her second child was a little person . If you don’t want a little person stop having babies it’s that simple . I would be be surprised if this marriage last . What does he do for a living ?? I believe she’s a teacher or was right?? So if u can’t handle have 3 little people that will most likely have many struggles throughout their life and a dog . Then stop having them and give the dog to a loving home it’s that simple . A dog in my book belongs to that family in every aspect

    1. Get a life! That dog is fine. I am an average height adult and don’t want a dog jumping on me- let alone a child just home from surgery!

      Not wanting a little person? These are their children what is wrong with you? You are truly ignorant! Shame on you that is disgusting and vile.

  25. I am going to go back to the farm issue. I did not agree with Matt selling the farm to Zack. Matt made the comment that Zack and Tori wanted the farm and he would be the one doing the work. I am sorry the whole time I have watched this show all I have seen the kids doing the work with Amy. At has always been sitting on top of a tractor or sitting in his little truck issuing orders. Why wouldn’t the kids have attitudes they get it from Matt. He is a bulley!!!

  26. Have people truly forgotten that a dog is a dog! Most dogs don’t spend their days inside. A dog is a pet not a person.

  27. I feel sorry for the dog. If they don’t have time to spend with him and are overwhelmed with 3 kids then find the dog a better home.
    I find Zack very impatient and sullen now. Is he ever happy?

  28. I just think Zach is a very lazy person he’s always sitting with that crappy smile . Tori is the man and wife because he does nothing she needs to speak up instead of acting as though it’s all cool.
    Seriously Zach do something and leave the dog alone you bought him !!!!!!!!

  29. I think it is the size of the dog is the problem. I think the dog is too big for their family. Remember Tori pick the dog and Zach agreed because he loves his wife. We all need to remember their three little people in the house and the dog is bigger than them. Everybody doesn’t want a dog in their house and face 24/7. I believe their dog is getting good care and well feed.

  30. Really! Oh my gosh! Why are people trying to start a bunch of crap? Leave theses people alone! They are people like the rest of us. They aren’t perfect, but I only see people trying to live without a bunch of drama and just raise their kids! Pets need outside time. That is a big dog that can easily hurt those little people accidently. Move on!

  31. I think you all are so judgmental. All your reasons are stupid and unfair. You all would literally do anything to get peoples pet or kids taken away you are the disgusting ones.

  32. You people need to get a life, it’s a TV show , A SHOW ! it’s not real life it’s entertainment !! Do you comment on “sponge Bob “too.

  33. Here’s the bottom line. They have said in iterviews that the production company cuts and pastes to change the meaning and make it more interesting. And much of it is scripted. No one is perfect including those of you complaining. I happen to like watching the show. If you don’t like what you see then turn the channel. Nuff said

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