Matt Roloff Would NEVER Sell To Zach & Tori, Here’s Why

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Little People, Big World fans are convinced Matt Roloff never had any intentions of selling part of Roloff Farms to Zach and Tori. In watching an old clip from last season of the series, fans are certain there is a very cut and dry reason why this deal was never going to happen. What has fans so convinced Matt was never willing to sell to Zach and Tori? Keep reading to see what fans have to say.

Zach Roloff said he would never do things his father’s day

On the last season of LPBW, fans watched Matt Roloff and his son Zach butt heads more than a few times on the show. Zach had his own ideas on how he wanted to do things and Matt had different ideas. Matt Roloff has been managing and maintaining this property the way he wanted to for a very long time. So, he wasn’t exactly open to anyone else telling him what to do. This was especially true when it came to one of his children.

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In this clip from a previous season, Zach noted that he was “not willing” to do whatever his father thought he needed to do in order to co-own the farm. Zach made it clear he was his own person with his own ideas. Moreover, there were a lot of things his father did that he didn’t like or didn’t think make sense. For example, he thought his father had a bad habit of putting money in the wrong places.

This is why Matt Roloff would never sell to him?

In a thread on Reddit, one LPBW fan notes this one sentence from Zach’s mouth is the reason why Matt would never sell any of the property to him. Fans believe Matt Roloff is a very controlling man that is settled in his ways. Matt has managed the property for a long time, after buying out Amy, he’s been in complete control of all decisions involving the property.

Little People, Big World fans believe Matt Roloff needed to know Zach and Tori were capable of handling the property before he was willing to part with the keys to the castle. But, Zach’s unwillingness to let Matt control the way things needed to be done was the ultimate deal-breaker for him.

What do you think about this old clip of LPBW? Do you think fans might be on to something with the dynamics between Zach and Matt? Was there ever a chance he would sell to them? Let us know how you feel about it in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on LPBW.

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  1. Zach is a hot head like is mom. I think that Matt is a good person with great ideas and true business man. This family would not be has successful has they are had he not been the business man that he is. That’s why Chris loves Matt.

  2. I definitely agree. Zac and Tori never lifted a finger to do any work on the farm. Tori wears the pants in the family.. She’s the boss not Zac.

  3. I don’t get all the back and forth with the kids. Jeremy was the shining star or so he thought and left the farm. Jacob was the black sheep, damned the entire show and made allegations of sexual abuse and yet he and his family came back. Zach would never take care of the farm properly if he had control of it; you have to have the drive although Matt’s may be excessive. The only one with motivation and independence is Molly.

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