‘Southern Charm’ Is Kathryn Dennis Facing Homlessness?

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In the 8 years that Southern Charm has aired, fans have been spectators to a lot of ups and downs in the personal lives of the cast. From cheating to threesomes, the show has everything dramatic for the audience. However, one name that has been at the center of dramatic storylines is Kathryn Dennis. After her volatile relationship with American politician Thomas Ravenel got complicated, the reality star is yet again in the news but for a different reason.

Kathryn Dennis Sold Her Mount Pleasant Home

As per reports by The Sun, the 30-year-old sold her $342,500 home in Mount Pleasant back in December 2021. After that, the reality star has been living in Charleston in a high-rise apartment. As per sources, Kathryn has been notified twice to vacate the premise, once on March 16 & again on May 17.

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The Southern socialite was asked to vacate the place after she missed her February & March payments worth $4,626 each. While Kathryn settled her first notice, the 2nd notice mentioned that her occupancy term had ended. This most likely meant that the Southern Charm star had vacated the premises.

Kathryn Moves Out Of Charleston Townhouse

As per sources, the celebrity is worth $800,000. Apart from that, the reality star is also paid $25,000 per episode for being a part of Southern Charm. Back in 2017, reports stated that she worked at Gwynn’s, which is a locally owned Charleston-based luxury department store. It was also mentioned that she did this work to ensure a stable future for herself.

Back in 2019, Kathryn rented a $1,795,000 multi-story townhouse. She paid $6,600 per month to rent the property, which she finds useless as nothing made it to the top floor. She didn’t occupy a large portion of the house which for her was a waste of hard-earned money. Kathryn also clarified that her decision to move out was taken after due consideration and consultation regarding finances.

Simply put, the house was way too large for the reality star.

Reality Star Called Out For Being A Spend Thrift

Kathryn has also been called out by her co-stars from Southern Charm, who mentioned that she had bad spending habits after she got herself a Rolls Royce. As per co-star Naomie Olindo, this was a foolish move on her part. She also added that Kathryn’s life wasn’t great.

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However, the reality star clarified that her co-stars’ statements are polarized and misconstrued by the public. She also mentioned that they know nothing of her spending habits.

Looking back at her decisions, the Southern Charm star mentioned that the decisions she was making were irresponsible and irrational regarding money. However, she did get back on track and had been monitoring her spending habits. Kathryn also mentioned that her life is a rollercoaster where she makes mistakes and eventually learns from them. She also called herself lucky to have great friends who act as her guiding star.

Southern Charm returns to Bravo with a new season on Thursday, June 23.

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