Fans Think Mason Disick Is Happiest With Dad Scott?

Mason Disick

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have 3 children together, and the reality star has been nothing but a great dad to them all. In a recently resurfaced photo, the 39-year-old was seen with his pre-teen son Mason Disick sharing a special bond.

Mason Disick Is All Smiles With Dad Scott

Fans were quick to react to how adorable and loving Scott was as a dad. Although Kardashian fans have two minds over the relationship Kourtney and Scott shared, they do agree that Scott is an outstanding father. They gushed over the special relationship shared by the father-son duo.

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As per The Sun, a Kardashian fan recently shared these super adorable pictures from when Mason was a pre-teen. The thread comprised multiple pictures of Mason and Scott together through the years. In several of these resurfaced photos, the 12-year-old has a wide smile as he cherishes the moment holding hands with his dad.

A fan wrote that they might not be a Scott Disick fan, but it is evident that the socialite has a great bond with his kids and loves them a lot. Reacting to this comment, another said that Scott sure loves his kids and the children adore him as well.

A third fan commented that the pictures suggest that Mason adores his father and they are partners in crime. The fan also suggested that the kids make Scott a better person. A fourth fan wrote that Mason looks comfortable around so many cameras only when he is accompanied by his father.

Mason Accepts Travis Barker As New Stepdad

After Kourtney Kardashian married Travis Barker, Mason & his siblings are trying to get accustomed to having a new step-father. In a recent episode of The Kardashians, Kim revealed how Mason currently feels about Travis after disapproving of the relationship earlier.

Kim communicated a conversation to her mom Kris Jenner that happened between Mason and her daughter North. In this conversation, Mason asked Kim if she could drop him at Travis’ studio. To which Kim replied, of course, she could.

Kim further explains that Mason was all excited about Travis’ studio, stating that it was cool and fun with bikes and stuff. As per the reality star, Mason’s approach towards his stepdad has totally changed now. Kim also added that she heard him explain to North that stepdads aren’t bad as they are portrayed in movies.

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Mason’s grandmother Kris seemed happy to learn about this change. As per Kim, the conversation seemed like things were looking bright for the family’s future.

Even though it seems like Mason is warming up his stepdad, fans don’t share the same opinion about the younger kids, Reign and Penelope. The newlyweds have been constantly slammed by Kardashian fans for constant PDA even when their kids are around.

This started after Kourtney shared a series of IG photos from Italy. The one picture that stood out was the one in black and white with the kids, Reign and Penelope, sitting beside Travis. Fans pointed out how the children didn’t look happy at all.

Regardless of what might come for Travis in future as a stepdad, Scott has proved time and again that his bond with his children is adorable, crowning him the best dad ever! Do you agree?

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