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‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Finds New Love?

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Sister Wives fans have been eagerly awaiting Janelle Brown’s official exit from the plural family. She has always been fiercely independent and even more so now. Once her sister wife, Christine exited and went to Utah, rumors circulated that Janelle may be following suit. Has she now found a new love in her life?

The Sister Wives Dynamic Flips Upside Down

When the series first began in 2010, it was clear that the three original wives each settled into their own positions within the marriage. Meri (1990) was Kody’s first and only legal wife. Second wife Janelle (1993) preferred to work, being the breadwinner fulfilled her more than being at home. Finally, third wife Christine (1994) took to being the homemaker, taking care of Kody and the kids. This worked for a very long time but eventually, the dynamic was shaken up. Kody began courting a fourth wife, Robyn who seemed lovely but also doted on Kody. This was similar to the way Christine used to. It actually came at the perfect time since Christine started to lose herself and needed to put herself first.


Once the family relocated from Utah to Vegas, the wives got a taste of freedom and autonomy. They lived in a cul-de-sac so they remained tight but developed their own personas. Christine and Meri got into the MLM businesses while Janelle pursued real estate and became a wellness coach. Financially, they saw their worth without Kody, realizing they were fine on their own. By Season 16, Christine knew it was time to cut ties with too many issues in the marriage. At the tell-all, it appeared he was only intimate with Robyn. That begged the question of why Meri and Janelle stayed and did not follow Christine out?  Yet, has Janelle found a new love of her life?

True Love

Sister Wives fans have loved watching the adventures of Christine and Janelle. Since Christine left the Brown family, she has been living her best life. Yet, she almost always has Janelle by her side. This includes vacations, parties, and random addentures. Viewers have loved the connection that they have forged and continue despite the familial separation. Plus, they work together in business and are very passionate about health and promotion. Many want for Janelle the independence that her former sister wife has. It has even been noted by Christine that Janelle does not need Kody to fill her tank. Now Janelle has found a new love and she is happily sharing it with her followers.

On a date with her daughter Savanah to the Paleta Bar in Flagstaff, something incredible happened. The girls discovered the delicious treats and fell in love. Janelle posted their order on Instagram and now, she has something new to delight in. This calls for a celebration because this dish looks amazing. What are your thoughts on her new love? Let us know in the comments.


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  1. I Hope janelle has left that stupid ass Kody
    He is so bad.im glad Christine divorsed him
    Merri shuld do the same
    He only cares for cry baby Robin
    she has destroed the family from Day one
    I dont like her at All

  2. He planned the whole dynamite, when he got merri to divorce and marry Robyn. They are foolish to stay and support him. He is a control freak.

  3. I searched for 15 minutes for this article, praying it was good news, she truly had moved on. That is not the case it is about a dessert. She isn’t craving that real dessert yet!! Move on, a waste of my time.

  4. He’ll get his in the end. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around! I’m glad the wives are coming to their senses, hope they ALL find what they are looking for. Kody, you’re a poor excuse for a man!!!

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