Janelle Brown Goes Adventuring, Flies Solo With Her Kids


Janelle Brown is having the best time, especially when she teams up with her former sister wife Christine. They get together for vacations and outdoor events, even partying the night away. Now, Janelle has made a fun day possible and it includes just her kids and herself.

Janelle Brown, Supermom

Financially, Janelle was the big earner in her plural family. She openly admitted that, though she loved her six children, she preferred to work. Third wife, Christine took over the role of homemaker so it allowed Janelle to work from sunrise to sunset and feel fulfilled. Once the Brown family relocated from Utah to Las Vegas, Janelle was no longer solely in an office. She and Christine obtained their real estate licenses and she went down that route. Her life further shifted in 2017 when her daughter Maddie welcomed her first son, Axel, and made Janelle a first-time grandmother. Suddenly, Janelle started to soften and viewers saw her in a new maternal light.


Once the Browns moved to Flagstaff, the four wives lived so far apart that they were really on their own. Janelle had started her own businesses and was working more from home. She had three kids at home and soon became a super mama bear. When the pandemic hit in 2020, her husband Kody laid down all these extremely strict pandemic protocols. It divided the family in many ways but Janelle refused to let her kids feel any pain at her hands. She wanted them to live their lives to the fullest and openly said she would always choose them over Kody. That was when it was clear what a truly amazing mother Janelle was and had always been.

Adventuring With Mama #2

Kody’s second wife can be frequently seen out having fun with her former sister wife Christine. Janelle Brown, her kids, and Christine’s family often gather together to celebrate life. They met up at Disney World for a wellness convention. Then, they celebrated Christine’s fiftieth birthday with a murder/mystery party. It was followed by a Pink Jeep tour organized by Christine and a fifties bash where everyone was on theme. Now, Janelle has taken a cue from Christine and came up with an extremely exciting adventure for just her and her kids.


Along with Hunter, Gabriel, and Savanah, she took them all hiking. The four of them were all smiles as they headed out for a day of nature and exploration. She shared the photo on Instagram and her followers were excited to see her so happy.

  • “You all look so happy without you no who running your lives.”
  • “Lovely Photo of everyone”
  • “Living your best life”

Some wondered where K0dy was but perhaps he was out dancing somewhere. In any case, it’s great to see Janelle thriving and doing her own thing.

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