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Maddie Brush Comments On ‘Keep Sweet: Obey & Pray’ Documentary

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When the Netflix documentary Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey came out, many Sister Wives fans wondered how the Brown family would react. So far, the family hasn’t said much. During the course of Sister Wives, they made their stance on Warren Jeffs and the FLDS pretty clear. They wanted nothing to do with him and denounced his beliefs. But now, fans realized that Maddie Brush has been watching the documentary.

What does she think about the situation? Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Maddie Brush speaks out against the FLDS and Warren Jeffs

Maddie Brush is polygamist patriarch Kody Brown’s fourth child. She was the second born child to his second wife, Janelle Brown. Maddie had a pretty happy childhood in a polygamist household. But even so, she always said she never wanted to have sister-wives of her own or share her husband with anyone else.

Maddie Brush/TLC

Today, she is happily married to Caleb Brush and the couple shares two children together. The family of four seems to live a happy and peaceful life in North Carolina.

But Netflix recently released a documentary about the FLDS and Warren Jeffs’ reign of terror. Many viewers couldn’t help drawing connections between the show and Sister Wives. And fans have a lot of questions.

No one can be sure just how many members of the Brown family have seen the show, but Maddie definitely watched it. She posted on her Instagram stories that she was currently watching Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey at home.

“Starting to watch this after questions about the correlations. Already so sad,” Maddie wrote on her Instagram story.

Maddie Brush/Instagram

That’s all that Maddie had to say for now. But her fans hope that she speaks out against the atrocities Warren Jeffs committed and denounces his sect too.

Netflix subscribes noticed familiar names between Keep Sweet and Sister Wives

As soon as Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey came out, Netflix fans couldn’t help but recognize some of the familiar names.

“Darger, Jessop, Allred: a few familiar names while watching the new Netflix documentary Keep Sweet,” a Reddit user wrote. They also posted several screenshots of the names from Netflix.

“The Darger family are fake TV ‘friends.’ Robyn married a Jessop so her three kids are also Jessops. Christine is an Allred,” another user pointed out.

It’s not really clear how the Brown family is directly connected to the families mentioned in Keep Sweet. But more than likely, they’re at least distant cousins.

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