‘Sister Wives’ Fans Spot Familiar Names In ‘Keep Sweet: Pray And Obey’

Sister wives keep sweet from Netflix

There is a new Netflix documentary on polygamy that’s getting a lot of attention online. Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey follows the more dark and abusive side of fundamentalist Mormon churches. While the Sister Wives stars do practice Mormon fundamentalism, they’ve always said that they want no part of the abusive sects.

However, Sister Wives fans couldn’t help but notice a lot of familiar names in Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey. Keep reading to see what they discovered.

Sister Wives fans make a startling connection to the Netflix documentary

When Sister Wives came on the air, the Brown family hoped to show the world that polygamist families weren’t all bad. In fact, they could be happy, loving families.

But there are still many sects of religious polygamy out there that are abusive and even promote atrocities like child marriage. This is something that the Brown family always wanted to make abundantly clear that they do not support.

Sister Wives from TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

But while watching the new Netflix documentary, several fans couldn’t help but notice something. On Reddit, fans pointed out that many names mentioned Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey were also names referenced in Sister Wives.

“Darger, Jessop, Allred: a few familiar names while watching the new Netflix documentary Keep Sweet,” the original poster wrote. They also posted several screenshots of the names from Netflix.

Sister Wives/Reddit

“The Darger family are fake TV ‘friends.’ Robyn married a Jessop so her three kids are also Jessops. Christine is an Allred,” one Reddit user pointed out.

It’s tough to say how closely related the Sister Wives stars are to the members of the FLDS group in Keep Sweet. But it’s probable that they are at least distant cousins.

How will the Brown family react to Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey?

So far, the Brown family hasn’t really commented on the Netflix documentary. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t heard about it. And fans think they might have a few different reactions.

The Browns might really appreciate that the documentary sheds light on the abuse in the FLDS. However, many members of the public have a tough time differentiating between the faith that the Browns practice and the FLDS. It’s also possible that the Netflix documentary may make the problem worse and make it harder for the family to openly practice their religion and polygamy.

Have you seen Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey yet? What did you think about it? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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