New Husband Posts Sexy Shirtless Snap Of ‘Sugar’ Mama June?

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Mama June Shannon recently shared that her husband of three months, Justin Stroud did the impossible. He rocked her world and she has been in love ever since. Justin clearly seems to adore her and it appears he is taking that love to the next level. Recently, he took some scandalous snaps of his lady and proudly shared them on social media.

Mama June Finds Her First Husband And Proudly Prances Him

When the new season of Mama June: Road to Redemption began, June was still with Geno Doak. The two were clearly very unhealthy for one another. They had indulged in drugs, gotten arrested, then landed in rehab. Finally, June had gotten sober but Geno was still heavily drinking. When he did this, he became abusive, and eventually, it became too much for June so she decided it was time to leave. Though it took a few tries, she broke away and ended up back at Pumpkin’s home. It did not take long before she was off to Alabama to be with a man in recovery named Jordan.


She claimed that he needed her to stay sober but she ended up dropping an insane amount of money on him. Without warning, he went and got engaged to someone else. Though this rattled June, she had already met the man of her dreams. One story she tells says she saw Justin ‘Smalls’ Stroud on TikTok and slid into his DMs. On the show, she claims she met him in rehab. Either way, she felt a spark and within a few days, the two had made it official. He started to accompany her to meetings and really only cared about her sobriety, not her bank account. It only made sense that they would take the next steps.

Sexy Snapshot

In March, on their six-month anniversary, Mama June and Justin tied the knot in a low-key private ceremony. Two months later, they headed to Georgia for the birth of June’s daughter, Pumpkin’s twin. Straight from Georgia, they were off to a tropical getaway. They had to return to Alabama to handle some stuff for Justin which has prevented them from returning to Georgia. Yet, Justin is relishing in some sexy snaps he has taken of June, sharing on Instagram. At first glance, one appears to be a topless photo of the mother of four. She is making a goofy face and looks slightly sunkissed so it would make sense.


June has done far crazier things. Upon closer inspection, she just has really thin straps on to give the illusion that she is topless. He praises her in the caption next to the photo for being there for him through everything. Of course, his followers questioned how much he would still love her if she was broke. Only time will tell how long this union will last. What do you think of the sexy snap? Let us know in the comments and watch Mama June: Road to Redemption Fridays on WeTV.

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  1. These lowlifes keep procreating. June goes from one train wreck to another. Enough already. Pumpkin, get your tubes tied.

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