Mama June Reveals How She Caught New Husband


Mama June Shannon recently revealed she tied the knot for the first time. Many have questioned how she and her husband Justin Stroud found one another. Now she is clearing all of that up.

Mama June Attempts To Find Her Soul Mate

It looked like June had found her perfect match in Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson when Here Comes Honey Boo Boo premiered. He loved her three daughters from previous relationships as his own. Plus, they had their young child, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ together and balanced each other off well. Sadly, all was not right in paradise. Despite having a commitment ceremony to show their love to one another, they ended up on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. There, it came out that Sugar Bear had been unfaithful and the two called it quits. She followed up that romance by dating Geno Doak, a contractor on her Georgia home. Despite having a past, he seemed alright and suited her new lifestyle which she had dramatically revamped.


Unfortunately, he did not care to get married but that was not the crux of their problem. He dragged her down into a dark hole filled with drugs which completely drained her bank account. She was alienated from her family and Alana went to go live with her older sister, Pumpkin, and her family. After getting arrested, she and Geno headed to rehab but June was the only one to take their sobriety seriously. Last year, she finally left the toxic relationship and headed back to Pumpkins. Soon enough, she was back talking to men she claimed to be mentoring into sobriety. Then, she was seen with Justin, and out of the blue, they were married.

Who Pursued Whom?

In March of this year, Mama June and Justin secretly tied the knot but the news did not break until the end of May. The internet ran rampant with rumors as to why they got married. It was presumed that, with his questionable history, he was using June. Earlier, on The Wendy Williams Show, June clarified who pursued whom and how they hooked up. First off, she was the one who did the proposing, so very modern of her. June shared this all with host Michael Rapaport. In any case, she admits that she was never into marriage, as viewers have come to realize over the years. She was on a journey of self-discovery when she met Justin on TikTok.


He was in the background of a live video, caught her eye so she slid into the DMs. They became friends and started dating in September so the day they got married was their six-month anniversary. The entire relationship will play out in upcoming episodes this season. Reddit had some questions about how they met that were justifiable:

  • “I find it hard to believe June saw him in the background of a live. I thought she was legally blind”
  • “i mean no disrespect but if june is blind how does she see someone in the background of an instagram live video”

Apparently, one Redditor alleged that they were watching one of Jordan’s videos, and spotted Justin. On the show, she’s been chatting heavily with Jordan and just left Alana for him. So it all came full circle. What do you make of June’s proposal story? Let us know and watch Mama June: Road to Redemption Fridays on WeTV.



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