‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Say Megan Wachspress Does Not Deserve Win. Why?

Jeopardy! Fans Say Megan Wachspress Does Not Deserve Win. Why? [Jeopardy | YouTube]

Jeopardy! fans think Megan Wachspress doesn’t deserve to win. Some of them have even called it a “fluke.” The California native claimed victory yet again on Friday, June 17. Earlier this week, fans waved goodbye to Eric Ahasic and said hello to Megan, who is the new reigning champ.

She already won four consecutive games. But, her latest win has come with its share of controversy. Season 38 of the game show has been through some of the highest highs — especially with the champions. However, fans don’t think Megan should have a place in this season’s group.

Read on to see why and to learn more.

Megan Wachspress Dominates Jeopardy [YouTube]

Megan Wachspress has had one heck of a week

Eric Ahasic was the current reigning champion of Jeopardy! He seemed like a strong contender. Fans thought he was going to last on the show well into next season. Eric’s winning streak came to an end on Tuesday, June 14 when he met his match with Megan Wachspress. From there, she’s snatched the show and won four consecutive games.

Megan caused a riot with her latest win. During Friday’s Final Jeopardy the question read, “Congratulating her on the 1869 release of her biography, Frederick Douglass wrote, ‘I have wrought in the day- you in the night.'”

Jeopardy Megan Wachspress [YouTube]
Contestant Molly Fleming wrote, “Who is Harriet Tubman?” She wagered $3,200 to her winnings for a total of $6,500. Sadie Goldberger had the same answer. But, she didn’t write her answer out in full. Host Mayim Bialik told her that they couldn’t accept her response.

Sadie nodded like she understood, but was disappointed by the results. Reigning champ Megan answered correctly and increased her total to $17,199. She wagered $7,500, which brought her daily total to $17,3000. Bialik awarded her as the new champion of Jeopardy!

“Megan Wachspress, congratulations. You are our Jeopardy! champion… and have a four-day total of $51,601,” Bialik said excitedly.

Jeopardy! champ causes controversy

However, some fans aren’t happy with Megan’s win. It’s created its share of controversy among dedicated viewers. Some of the Jeopardy! fans took to Twitter to share their disgust. Most of them think she doesn’t deserve her four-day win.

  • “Sadie was flat-out jobbed out of a win. I read it right away on the reveal as Harriet Tubman.”
  • “Sadie would have had $17,300 and would have beaten Megan by $101.”
  • “They’ve continued Final Jeopardy! responses with worse handwriting than that.”
  • “She got robbed.”
  • “She doesn’t deserve this win…”

This comes after Jeopardy! fans think Ryan Long “threw the game,” which is a claim that he denied. He said he was running out of steam after winning 16 games. What are your thoughts on Megan’s win? Do you think she deserves it? Sound off below in the comment section.

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