What Happens To ‘Jeopardy!’ Winner At End Of The Season?

What Happens To Jeopardy! Winner At End Of The Season? [Jeopardy | YouTube]

Jeopardy! fans want to know what happens to the winner at the end of the season. Currently, Eric Ahasic is the reigning champ. The meteorologist won six consecutive games. It’s possible that he could continue playing to the end of Season 38.

The quiz show is believed by fans. However, it’s picked up new viewers along the way, especially with the younger generation. It’s likely that the Minnesota native could make it to the end since he started off strong. Eric beat out previous champ Ryan Long, who lost after 16 consecutive wins.

Eric Ahasic Dominates Jeopardy [YouTube]

Will Eric Ahasic play all the way?

Eric Ahasic is the reigning champ of Jeopardy! champ. Fans are rooting for him to go all the way. They think the Minneapolis-based contestant is on “another level” as he continues to “dominate the competition.” On Monday’s episode, Eric earned his sixth consecutive win.

He’s now in the category of “super-champions.” Eric has a charming personality and a positive spirit. Fans have been enjoying his episodes, even if they miss fan favorite Ryan Long. After watching his latest win, Jeopardy! fans over on Reddit think he will get far in this competition.

  • “Who else thinks Eric is on another level than recent champions? (with the exception of Amy Schneider).”
  • “Eric doesn’t even allow the game to be competitive.”
  • “And Mayim [Bialik] said something about him answering 24 questions/game.”
  • “Eric is really dominant and I admire his knowledge.”

Others Jeopardy! fans think Eric is a strong contender on the show. They think he’s taking over the game and making it his own. If his luck continues, he could go far on the show and into another season. On Monday’s broadcast, Eric’s fellow contestant, Mazin Omer, didn’t have as strong of a winning streak, especially when he made an embarrassing mistake.

What happens to Jeopardy! winners after the season’s end?

One fan took to the Jeopardy! Reddit to wonder about what happens to the winner of the final season. They asked whether the reigning champ will play in the next season or if this sets them up to play in the Tournament of Champions. It looks like this is Eric’s game and the other contestants are just playing up against him.

“Matt Amodio’s streak bridged two seasons and he’s appearing in the second season’s ToC,” one fan wrote.

Eric Ahasic's Strong Jeopardy Play [YouTube]
Jeopardy! fans have applauded Eric’s strategy. They think that his streak could last even longer. They were disappointed by Ryan’s strategy. Some feel that he “threw the game” even though he denies their claims.

What are your thoughts on Eric Ahasic? Do you think he’ll last another season? Sound off below in the comment section.

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