Dannielle Merrifield Fawns Over ‘Hottie’ Garrick Merrifeld


Dannielle Merrifield is determined to prove that she is the cool wife this season of Seeking Sister Wife. She proposed that she and her husband Garrick add on a third wife. Furthermore, she claims she is no longer jealous when seeing him with other women. This is only exacerbated by an overabundance of lovey-dovey posts of the couple. This weekend, the couple took off for an anniversary trip to Mexico and Dannielle just could not get enough of her man.

Dannielle Merrifield Gives Up Her Husband For Another Woman

She was not originally on board when Garrick proposed the idea of polygamy. Dannielle admitted that she had to search her heart and finally, she agreed. They went on a polygamist website where they met Roberta from Brazil and immediately had a connection. After a visit and a proposal, the Merrifields got divorced so Bert could get a fiancee visa. Once approved, she could go on and marry Garrick, making her transition to America far easier. Unfortunately, when the trio would meet in Mexico, it was very hard for Dannielle to see her husband loving on another woman. She even learned that they had been intimate prior to her climbing into bed with them for a first-night sleepover. That felt like such a betrayal but she took it in stride.


By the end of the season, Bert and Garrick were in babymaking mode but no one knew what the outcome would be. Both Garrick and Dannielle’s social media accounts were quite elusive. Finally, it was announced that they would be returning for Season 4 and it was anybody’s guess as to where they stood. Soon, the Merrifields started posting photos of how much they loved one another as if the prior season had never happened. All of the jealousy, hurt, and pain vanished and now they were celebrating each other and it just won’t stop.

Eat Your Hearts Out

With the new season underway, there have been a lot of changes. First off, Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield have not seen Bert in over a year. They last met up in Mexico for a commitment ceremony though not legal. Her visa has since been approved but she has yet to come over to America. In preparation for her move, the Merrifields are building a much bigger home. Dannielle knows she does not want to be alone when Bert arrives and off with Garrick. Therefore, she proposed searching for another wife and that was when they found Lea, 30 from California. So far, she is vibing very well with the couple but Bert is definitely not a fan.


There has been some speculation that Bert left the Merrifields and never made it to America. In any case, they are seemingly carrying on with their relationship. Garrick and Dannielle just took off for an anniversary trip to Mexico with Dannielle documenting the prep leading to the landing. As she was doing so, she spent a lot of time photographing Garrick and then posting on Instagram. On one of the pics, she wrote: #hottie #eatyourheartsoutladies. She is awfully proud to be on the trip with her man as they indulge in time away. As for whether or not they have added to their plural family, only time will tell.

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