Dannielle Merrifield Posts Intimate Snaps In Bed, She’s Not Alone

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Dannielle Merrifield is continuing her gushing lovefest with her ex-husband Garrick. The Seeking Sister Wife couple is returning for the new season which starts early next month. Since it was revealed that they would be back, the duo have suddenly started sharing their love all everywhere. Now Dannielle’s recent photos are sexy ones of her lounging in bed but the mom of two is not alone.

Dannielle Merrifield Struggles On Seeking Sister Wife

When Season 3 started, Dannielle and her husband Garrick were introduced. They shared that they were getting a divorce so that he could marry their Brazilian sister wife, Roberta. This was not a life either one of the Merrifields had grown up in. One day, it just hit Garrick that he needed to be in a plural marriage so he talked to his wife. It was a calling from God that he followed but she was much more resistant. Finally, she agreed and they found Bert online. After meeting in Mexico, he proposed to her and they followed through with their divorce. It was believed if Garrick married Bert, it would be easier for her to come to America.


Dannielle struggled with seeing her husband court another woman though she liked Roberta a lot. She felt that Garrick was not truly caring about her and her feelings. It got even worse when Covid hit and Bert was hard to locate. That was when she and Garrick went behind Dannielle’s back. They decided to forego a wedding and go straight to babymaking. Again, this was a hard pill to swallow and fans continued to dislike Garrick’s treatment of Dannielle. There were so many questions when the season ended with very vague answers. The social media of the two offered nothing but now they are back and literally in viewers’ faces.

The Most Intimate Of Snaps

Since Season 3 wrapped, Dannielle Merrifield has been very elusive about where her marriage stands. There were even rumors that she was with another man. Garrick proceeded to share throwback pictures of him with Roberta but he was never seen with his “wife.” Now that the show has been renewed, they both took to Instagram to pay tribute to one another. They appear more in love than ever as if Roberta never existed. Keep in mind that they openly admitted they had been experiencing problems for years prior to bringing in a third party.


Earlier, Dannielle shared a handful of photos in bed with Garrick. He is shirtless while she is beaming from ear to ear. Each pic has a message on it about how great he is. This is new for them as they have never been ones to post with each other ever. Many fans are sickened by the lovefest. It could just be a promotion to get viewers intrigued for Season 4 which starts June 6th. Either way, it is causing a stir.

What do you think of the Merrifields, just in general? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife, starting June 6th on TLC.


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