Jackson Roloff Gives Lesson On What A Hanger Is Really Used For?

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Tori Roloff treated LPBW fans to a few video clips of Jackson Roloff on her Instagram Stories. One of the video clips featured Jackson picking up a white clothing hanger. As Tori filmed, viewers could see the wheels turning in Jackson’s head. He realized there was something else this white clothing hanger could be used for. Something better.

Jackson Roloff makes a discovery

LPBW star Jackson Roloff was spending some time with his mother. He appeared to be chilling on her bed. Tori was presumably sitting in some sort of chair. Josiah could also be heard grunting and cooing in the background. Jackson was snuggled up in a nursing pillow as he had a conversation with his mother.

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Tori Roloff, Jackson Roloff and Lilah Roloff/Credit: TLC YouTube

At one point in time, there was a bit of a shift in the video and Jackson had acquired a white clothing hanger. He was flipping and twirling the hanger around. He rubbed it on his face. Some fans (and probably Tori) wondered why he was playing with a hanger instead of some toys.

Then a light bulb seemed to come on over his head. There was a sparkle in his eye. Tori Roloff’s oldest child made a realization. There was something else he could be using this clothing hanger for. Something better.

Jackson Roloff slipped the clothing hanger behind him. He told his mother he realized the clothing hanger would be perfect as a back scratcher. Jackson tells his mother if her back itches she could just use a clothing hanger to fix the problem.

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Instagram Tori Roloff

Tori boasts of her son being such an easy kid

During the current season of LPBW, Tori Roloff boasted about how “easy” her son Jackson was. She noted that curling up on the couch and watching a good movie was all he needed to be entertained. So, she wasn’t particularly worried about him spending the night with Amy and Chris because she knew he wasn’t hard to manage.

Check out the precious video of Jackson exploring other uses for a hanger down below.

Do you appreciate Tori Roloff taking the time to share such sweet videos of Jackson on her profile? Have you ever thought about using a clothing hanger in this fashion? Let us know your thoughts on this video of Jackson in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest Little People, Big World news.

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