‘The Bold And The Beautiful’: Hope Logan Finds Herself In The Middle Of A Secret

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The Bold and the Beautiful is full of explosive plots the week of June 13. Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) now finds herself in the middle of a big secret. She learns that her Aunt Donna (Jennifer Gareis) has been fooling around with Eric Forrester (John McCook). It’s been a passionate whirlwind for the two lovers, but will Hope keep their affair a secret?

The Bold And The Beautiful spoilers underscore Hope’s high moral ground

According to spoilers released for The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope could be in a hard spot. Hope confronts Donna, who urges her not to utter a word about her fling with Eric. It’s a hard call given how Hope has a solid moral compass of what’s right and wrong. Was Hope’s exchange with Quinn (Rena Sofer) on Monday’s episode a foreshadowing that she’ll feel compassion for her? When Hope went to the Forrester mansion to get Eric’s approval on some designs, she showed interest in Quinn’s well-being.

Will Hope agree for the time being to keep Eric and Donna’s affair to herself? Eventually, Hope will break the news to someone out of the need to share her concerns. Will that be her mother, Brooke? If that happens, Brooke and Katie (Heather Tom) would likely be fine with the situation, but encourage their sister to get Eric back for good.

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A turning point for Eric and Donna?

Hope discovering her aunt’s latest fling with Eric is the beginning of a new twist. Will Quinn hear about her husband’s affair, or will she figure it out on her own? Once that bridge is crossed, Eric will have to make a choice.

One thing is for certain, if Hope holds onto Donna’s secret she’ll eventually spill it to someone. No one can keep a secret on this show. Several Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that the ring Quinn gave her husband will tip her off eventually. She sees on the meter his heart rate is going up. Will she run to the club to see why his heart rate is suddenly out of control, or will she go there to join her hubby for Pickleball? It wasn’t long ago someone mentioned to her that she should learn to play the game as a means of spending more time together.

Quinn won’t have mercy on Donna

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Quinn will fly into a rage once this all gets out. After all, she already made an ominous threat to Donna. Months ago Quinn made it clear in no uncertain terms that she won’t tolerate Donna near Eric. The scenes were fierce in that Quinn used a chair to back Donna against a desk — ready to shove it right through her.

What do you think will happen when Eric and Donna’s affair gets out?

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