‘Bold And The Beautiful’: A Suspicious Quinn Forrester May Follow Eric

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The latest Bold and the Beautiful story line revolving around Eric (John McCook) and Quinn Forrester (Rena Sofer) is set to be explosive. Eric’s infidelity will be uncovered soon enough. Fans haven’t seen much of Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) since Quinn gave Eric an ultimatum to fire her. The Forrester matriarch was none too keen that Donna suddenly helped Eric overcome his ED. In true Quinn fashion, she threatened Donna and made her husband choose between her and keeping his ex-wife at Forrester Creations.

Quinn Forrester’s worst nightmare come true

This week the Bold and the Beautiful revealed Quinn Forrester’s worst nightmare — Eric in bed with another woman.  Not just any woman — Donna Logan. Quinn cheated on Eric with Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor), but she believes things are on the mend. Well, sort of. Eric is giving Quinn strange signals. He’s secretive and vague. The Forrester jewelry designer thinks Eric still struggles with her betrayal. However, she has no clue that Donna is disregarding her threat to stay away from her husband.

Soon Bold and the Beautiful will show a very frustrated Quinn

As time goes on in future Bold and the Beautiful episodes, Quinn’s suspicions will intensify. She’ll sense something is off more than usual. The hot-tempered woman won’t tolerate being in the dark. Quinn Forrester isn’t one to let things go. For now she believes Eric is taking longer than expected to get over her cheating. Instead, he’s busy getting busy with his ex-wife … the one Quinn explicitly warned as she pushed her against a wall with a chair. Donna is risking a lot as well because when this comes out, it won’t be pretty.

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Quinn Forrester may soon follow Eric. In speculation, with Quinn having many unanswered questions, she’ll take action of some sort. Eric may have his wife’s trust for the time being, but it won’t last long. He needs to do a better job of throwing her off so she won’t suspect his affair with Donna.

What will Quinn do when she discovers Eric and Donna together?

Donna has been the target of a madwoman in the past — Pam Douglas (Alley Mills). Pam disapproved of Donna being the object of Eric’s affections. She tricked her to the Forrester cabin, plastered her in honey, and somehow got a real bear to scare her to death. Fast-forward fourteen years later and Donna may encounter the same grade of revenge. Quinn is no amateur in this department. In fact, she’ll put Pam to shame. Bold and the Beautiful writers have something up their sleeve for this doozy of a script. Quinn has proven she’s capable of a lot — and finding a way to get rid of Donna may not be out of the question.

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  1. Quinn should leave eric and go back to Carter. bell need to stop with the logan just becaus ehe in love with brook he need to stop center stagging all the logan and get ride of these broo, hope, sheila all logan and bell need to be fried also

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