‘Murder By Numbers’: Where Is William Charles Lewis Today?

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The very first episode of a series called Murder By Numbers detailing the horrific crimes of William Charles Lewis titled Count The Bodies airs on Investigation Discovery (ID) this coming week. First airing back in 2017, the episode tells the chilling story of a series of puzzling murders that took place in East Point, Georgia back in 2001. As the story unfolds, it wasn’t until the fourth person was gunned down that authorities began to piece together what actually happened to these seemingly unconnected victims.

Murder By Numbers: Where is William Charles Lewis now?

By the end of the episode, things come full circle when Rosa Lewis was gunned down. When the authorities went to break the news to her family, they noticed her estranged husband wasn’t acting right. His initial response to learning she was shot was bizarre. William Charles Lewis noted it was “completely out of character” for Rosa to be gunned down. Then, he went into the other room for a drink. Investigators followed and continued to speak with him. They noticed he was all over the place as he struggled to present an alibi with where he was and what he was doing.

Turns out, William Charles Lewis’ wife Rosa had decided to leave him after 20 years of being together. Rosa actually wrote a letter prior to her death stating that if anything ever happened to her they needed to take a hard look at her husband Charles because she was sure it would be him that killed her.

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Now, what authorities didn’t understand is why did he shoot so many people before shooting his wife? William tells police he knew that if he just gunned down his estranged wife he would be suspect number one. So, he crafted a plan to gun down a few random people and create the appearance of a serial killer.

Is he still alive?

In total, William Charles Lewis pled guilty to 26 different charges. This included two murder charges for the murders of Cynthia Rolle and Antonio Stepney. Back in 2004, he was sentenced to life behind bars with zero chance of parole. On top of his life sentence, he was also sentenced to 191 years for other crimes. Today, William Charles Lewis is alive. He remains locked behind bars in Macon County, Georgia at Macon State Prison.

Murder By Numbers: Count The Bodies detailing the shocking crime spree of William Charles Lewis airs on ID this week. Discovery+ subscribers can also find the episode in the streaming library as it originally debuted back in 2017. Have you watched this episode before? Or, are you planning to check it out? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more true crime TV news.

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