Labor, Lies and Murder, used with permission from Lifetime

Lifetime’s ‘Labor, Lies And Murder’: Don’t Mess With Mommy

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Lifetime is airing Don’t Mess With Mommy-themed thrillers. The latest is Labor, Lies And Murder. This movie stars Brooke Burfitt (From Paradise With Love, Love In The Highlands), Jason Burkey (Ordinary Joe, Bull), Lauren Buglioli (Florida Man, Secrets On Sorority Row), Gina Hiraizumi (Doom Patrol, Dynasty), Rowan Vickers (Instinct, Ellipsis…), Kathi DeCouto (The Mutation, War Of The Worlds: The Attack), Grae Minors (Clock, Unconditional), and Paige Hallett, and Poppy George in their debut.

Clark Phillips-Janssen (By Any Means) wrote the script. Ryan Dewar (Said The Dove To The Olive Tree, When Stars Align) is the director. Deadly Doula was the original movie name.

How far will a mother go to protect her baby?

What Is Lifetime’s Labor, Lies And Murder About?

Here is what Labor, Lies And Murder is about. According to the Lifetime synopsis, Hailey (Burfitt) is pregnant, but still not ready for her baby. Everyone tells her that she needs to relax, but she cannot.

Hailey sees an ad and decides to hire a doula. She now wants to have a home birth. However, the other expectant mothers that she is spending time with have some alarming news to share. Can she trust this doula?

Therefore, she begins to wonder who to trust and instantly becomes suspicious of everyone. She fears that someone is out to steal her baby!

When Can You Watch Labor, Lies And Murder On LMN?

The premiere of Lifetime’s Labor, Lies And Murder is on Thursday, May 5, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

A Mother's Lie used with permission from Lifetime
A Mother’s Lie used with permission from Lifetime

Watch A Mother’s Lie Right After!

On Thursday, May 5, at 10 p.m., Eastern on LMN is A Mother’s Lie. This stars Alex Paxton-Beesley, Madelyn Keys, Sonja Smits, and Nick Londono.

According to the Lifetime synopsis, well-known socialite Joyce is shocked to discover that Katherine, her teen daughter is pregnant. Her boyfriend is the father.

Now, begins the series of lies. Joyce forbids her daughter from telling her boyfriend about the baby. Moreover, Joyce bribes Katherine’s doctor to lie to her daughter. He tells her that the baby died during delivery.

Fast-forward 20 years, Katherine is happily married. However, her daughter Haley needs a life-saving bone marrow donor. Now, Joyce is desperate.

She manages to find Katherine’s firstborn daughter, Libby. Not understanding the whole situation, Libby agrees to be Haley’s donor.

Now, Joyce must try to keep the two girls from learning that they are sisters. However, her lies spin out of control and Katherine must face her mother, and the biggest lie ever told!

Start The Night Early With Labor Of Lies

Don’t miss Lifetime’s Labor of Lies airing on Thursday, May 5, at 6 p.m., Eastern on LMN. This stars Gina Vitori, Jenna Michno, and Jonathan Stoddard.

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Lara is a first-time mommy. Needing to connect, she meets a “bump buddy” online.

However, Jamie, the other pregnant woman is dangerous. She brings some bad actors into Lara’s life. Moreover, after Lara gives birth, her baby is stolen.  Now, Lara must find her baby before she is lost forever!


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