Christine Brown Gathers Special Crew For Day Out


Christine Brown loves getting out and about with her family. No matter what they do or where they go, it is always an event. Earlier, she shared a very special post with some very special people. They were supporting a lovely cause and she had to celebrate the moment.

Christine Brown, Mother To All

From the beginning of Sister Wives, Christine was the main homemaker. She cooked, kept the home, and raised the children. At the time, she, Kody, and the original sister wives Meri and Janelle all lived under one roof in Utah. They had twelve children since Christine was pregnant with Truely and each wife had their role. Meri pulled the children’s teeth when needed while Janelle was the financial wife. She worked all day well into the night and she liked it that way. As for Christine, she proudly raised the kids and even said she considered them all hers. When Covid hit and they had to be apart, she and Janelle did not listen. They gathered together despite what Kody wanted but he never knew.


Kody was furious in general with the way that Janelle and Christine behaved during the pandemic. He felt that Janelle’s kids were disobedient and Christine was irresponsible. This caused a lot of issues within the family, especially with Janelle’s sons, Gabe and Garrison. Gabe confronted his dad and reminded him how Christine raised all of them. That’s why being secluded from the family was the hardest on her. It fell on deaf ears but luckily, she left the Brown family in November 2021 and never looked back. Since then, she had been in Utah and has been making amazing memories with all of her loved ones.

The Gang’s All Here

Back in Utah, Christine Brown has been able to spend quality time with her older kids Mykelti and Aspyn as well as her granddaughter, Avalon. She has also thrown some super fun parties like a murder-mystery one for her fiftieth which Janelle attended. That has been really special, she and Janelle have maintained a closeness throughout the transition. Now, Christine shared a special day with three of her kids and one in-law. Truely, Aspyn, and her husband Mitch gathered along with Ysabel who normally studies in North Carolina. They went to a local farmers market where Christine encouraged supporting small businesses.

Credit: Christine IG

The family beamed as they sat together and Christine’s followers loved her Instagram post:

  • “Obsessed with your family u and ur kids seem sooo close!”
  • “So happy for you, Christine. From the bottom of my heart, I’m very glad that your kids and you are happy and well.”
  • “Beautiful family. Way to look out for yourself and your own well being!!!”

It is amazing seeing them all together and to see Christine supporting local businesses. Then again, she is a businesswoman now herself so it makes perfect sense. What do you think of her little family? Let us know in the comments.

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