‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown, More Than A Queen?

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Sister Wives viewers were in full support of Christine Brown leaving her marriage to Kody. In fact, some think that Meri and Janelle should follow suit. Yet have the fans put Christine on high enough of a pedestal? Her son, Paedon recently took to TikTok to sound off about this.

Christine Departs Her Sister Wives Family

In November 2021, Christine confirmed she had left the Brown family. She had entered the family as the third wife in 1994 after Kody married Meri (1990) and Janelle (1993). It had always been her goal to be a third wife after being raised in polygamy. She got her wish and she helped bridge the gap between the first two wives. Kody deemed her a breath of fresh air as she aimed to please him and the family which was constantly growing. Christine soon found her place as the homemaker so she was the one who would educate and take care of all of the children. It suited her since she was so loving and caring but she saw that she was putting everyone else’s needs before her own. Her father soon encouraged her to start saying no when she was too burnt out.


Robyn came in as the fourth wife and was doted on. She soon became the “yes” wife and picked up where Christine dropped off. Christine also gained her own voice which became much louder when they left the single-family home in Utah. Once in Vegas, she started to explore a career and eventually got into the MLM game. She was super successful and by the time they made it to Flagstaff, her dreams had changed. Polygamy had been decriminalized in Utah so she was desperate to return home. Kody started to play games and he just became worse during the pandemic and she finally woke up. She saw this marriage truly was not working for her and she left. Fans celebrated her bravery in walking away plus she glowed once she was gone.

The Queen Adjusts Her Crown

Sister Wives fans have noted how amazing Christine looks since she moved back to Utah and got away from Kody. She has been spending a lot of time with her older children and granddaughter Avalon. Plus, she has kept in touch with her former sister wife Janelle. They go on adventures with their kids as well as vacations so the memories keep flowing. Luckily, her family has also been quite supportive of the divorce. One person who’s been extremely verbal is her only son, Paedon. He mocked his mother’s Season 16 catchphrase “What. Does. The. Nanny. Do?” and Christine found it hilarious.


This time, he took to TikTok to address his mother being a queen. Now, this is not something he simply came up with. He claims that people just come up to him and tell him his mother is a queen. Paedon wants it to be known that in real life, off of television, she is so much more than that. He says she is “absolutely incredible” and adds he is so “incredibly happy” and “lucky” to have her as a mother. Paedon notes that everyone should be jealous because she is so wonderful. That is a true testament to what an amazing mother and human being she really is.

What do you think of Paedon’s rave review? Let us know.

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