'Jeopardy!' Fans Slam Show For Bizarre Category & Nonsense Answers [YouTube]

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Slam Show For Bizarre Category & Nonsense Answers


Jeopardy! fans slammed the game show for its bizarre category and nonsense answers. Most of that backlash was towards host Mayim Bialik, who has been behind the podium for the past five weeks. She has taken over while Ken Jennings is on a break. For some reason, fans criticize her the most.

Viewers slammed her on Tuesday for introducing a category that “made no sense.” Some claim the clues were “made up.” The contestants were also speechless during the round. Fans blamed the new category for adding nonsense to the show.

Mayim Bialik Jeopardy Selfie [Mayim Bialik | Instagram]
[Mayim Bialik | Instagram]

Jeopardy! fans blame Mayim Bialik for the new category

For some reason, fans of Jeopardy! blamed the Blossom alum for the new category. Mayim Bialik said she was excited about this new game. The current champ on the show is the Minneapolis-based meteorologist Eric Ahasic. He won with $40,000 total, but he didn’t score in this category.

The new category was called “Texting Abbreviations.” It was about slang terms that are common in texting speak. But Jeopardy! fans said they never heard of these terms before. The first clue read, “Talk to you tomorrow, I’m OTB.” Eric correctly guessed, “Off To Bed?”

Jeopardy Slammed For Nonsense Category [Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Jeopardy | YouTube]
However, the rest of the clues stumped all three contestants. Mayim read the next clue which was, “FC is this hopeful condition.” None of the players buzzed in. All of them looked around in confusion. Mayim cheerfully said, “Finger’s crossed!”

Another clue was, “I’ve Got To Know, ‘PTMM.'” Mayim responded, “Please tell me more!” after no one guessed the clue. The audience nervously laughed along because they were probably just as confused as well. The final clue read, “Where Have You Been? ‘LTNS.'”

Once again, none of the Jeopardy! contestants could figure it out. Mayim responded, “Long Time No See!” The former child star then jokingly added, “What will those texting kids think of next?!” Viewers didn’t find the new category fun and blamed her for it.

Viewers at home slam game show for nonsense

Jeopardy! fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. Most wondered, “WTH was that?” Viewers said they never heard of these texting abbreviations before. They also think that the “fellow kids” don’t really communicate like that.

  • “Sry but no one uses those texting abbreviations.”
  • “Text abbreviations we were expecting: LOL, LMAO, BRB. Text abbreviations in the clues: PTMM, LTNS.”
  • “I’m pretty sure those texting acronyms were made up.”

One fan said, “none of those texting abbreviations are real.” Another called it a “stupid category.” Other fans were missing Ryan at the start of the show. He lost on Monday’s episode after winning 16 consecutive games.

What are your thoughts on the new category? Do you agree that it’s a stupid category? Did you guess any of them right? Sound off below in the comment section.

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