Gleb Savchenko SLAMS Rumors About An Affair With Jana Kramer

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Most Dancing With The Stars pros aren’t strangers to salacious rumors. But Gleb Savchenko seems to have more than his fair share of drama over the years.

A lot of the rumors began when he and his wife Elena Samodanova split up in 2020. She alleged infidelity was the reason behind their split, which Gleb adamantly denied. But still, the rumors persisted.

Most recently, a rumor about Gleb and his Season 23 partner Jana Kramer surfaced. Once again, Gleb Savchenko is doing his best to shut down the rumors. Keep reading to see what he said.

Gleb Savchenko goes on defense after new rumors emerge about his love life

In May, Us Weekly broke the news about the Gleb/Jana rumors. They had the chance to talk to Jana Kramer’s ex Ian Schinelli and he told them all the sordid details. According to him, the affair happened while Jana was going through a bad patch with her ex-husband, Mike Caussin.

“Jana has admitted to me that she slept with two guys while Mike was in rehab. She slept with Gleb,” Schinelli told the publication. “She justified it saying, ‘We were legally separated.’”

“[Jana] even tried to meet up with Gleb while we were dating,” Ian continued. “He was doing a show in Nashville and she asked me if it was OK if she met up with him. I said, ‘As long as there was nothing there anymore,’ and she said, ‘No.’ She never went and said it was out of respect for me.”

Gleb Savchenko/Instagram 

ET had the chance to speak with Gleb about the allegations. And according to the Russian dancer, there was never anything between he and Jana. It’s all part of the show.

“There’s a lot of acting, there’s a lot of chemistry, natural chemistry and you know, when you dance and you train someone every day, and you’re up close and personal, you develop a certain connection,” the 38-year-old told ET. “The viewer sees it. I mean, you want to have that because you want to last in the competition, and my job was to make sure that we go really, really far.”

Jana Kramer/Instagram
And his plan seemed to work. Jana and Gleb finished in 4th place during their season.

“Have we ever had anything? Absolutely not. Absolutely not,” he continued. “Whatever she might have said it to her boyfriend, maybe she tried to make him jealous, you know. You can ask her the same question, she’ll probably answer the same thing.”

What does the pro dancer’s love life look like today?

Today, Gleb Savchenko is happily divorced from his ex-wife and has a new girlfriend. He and Jana Kramer don’t seem to be on romantic terms, but no one can ever be sure what the dancers actually do in their private lives.

Do you think there is any truth to these rumors? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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