Gleb Savchenko Gives An Update As His Divorce Is Finalized

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After Gleb Savchenko left Dancing With The Stars last year, he announced his divorce from his wife, Elena Samodanova. Now shortly after leaving the show this year, Gleb announces that the divorce is finalized. And on top of that, he and Elena are “amicable.”

Gleb Savchenko and his ex-wife really want to put their daughters first

Although Gleb and Elena happily slammed each other in the press right after they announced their split, things seem much better these days. The exes say above all else, they want to put their daughters first. They are the parents of Olivia, 10, and Zlata, 4.

“My No. 1 priority right now [is] and always will be my daughters and making this divorce have as minimal an effect on them as possible,” Gleb told Us Weekly recently. “Sometimes relationships don’t work out and this is one of those times.”

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Us Weekly confirms that they finalized their divorce on October 22, 2021.

“Elena and I agreed to work together to end the marriage with grace and be amicable to one another,” the DWTS pro continued. “As co-parents, we commit to protect our girls from our differences, to support their relationships with each other and to continue to put their growth and development first.”

And it seems like Gleb and Elena really mean it. The two even vacationed with their daughters during the girls’ spring break from school.

Now that the divorce is final, life can move on

Divorce is really hard, but it hasn’t stopped Gleb Savchenko from living his life. He competed on Dancing With The Stars again this year with Mel C from the Spice Girls. Despite being a fan-favorite, they finished in 11th place out of the 15 competing couples. Few saw that shocking elimination coming.

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Gleb also has a new lady in his life. He was married to Elena Samodanova for 14 years, but it doesn’t seem like he has any plans to remain a bachelor.

Us Weekly reported that Gleb met model Elena Belle over the summer. Things might get a little confusing since his new girlfriend has the same name as his ex, but it seems like the relationship is going well.

“Gleb and Elena went on their first vacation together to Miami Beach and stayed at Carillon Wellness Resort,” an insider allegedly told the publication. “This was the first time they got to spend a lot of time together after meeting on 4th of July.”

Elena Belle is also a single parent. She has a daughter with her husband who tragically passed away in 2020.

Hopefully, everyone involved remains happy and healthy moving forward. As Gleb Savchenko puts it, his daughters’ happiness really should come first.

Are you happy to see this dramatic divorce battle finally come to an end? Or do you think there will be more problems ahead? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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