Zach & Matt Roloff Awkward Tension Continues: Never Going To Mend?

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LPBW viewers can’t help but notice Matt and Zach’s awkward tension. Is there any hope the father-son duo can mend fences? Keep reading for all the details that we know so far about the family feud.

Future of Roloff Farms puts strain on family

Roloff Farms has been a blessing and a curse to the Roloff family. During the early seasons of LPBW, viewers saw Matt and Amy enjoy many happy moments on the farm with their four children.

Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob are all adults now with families of their own.

Matt and Amy divorced in 2016, with Amy later selling her share of the farm to her ex-husband.

Season 22 of the TLC show ended with Zach and his wife Tori expressing interest in buying the farm. Season 23 picked up with the future of the farm still up in the air.

The footage airing on the new season right now was filmed months ago. Shortly before the Season 23 premiere, Matt and Amy’s other son, Jacob, let it slip about the real-time status of the farm.

He revealed that Roloff Farms is up for sale. Though he later tried to backtrack, Matt confirmed that a portion of the farm is on the market.

After fan backlash over selling the farm, the patriarch took to Instagram to clear up what happened. According to Matt, “My twin boys [Zach and Jeremy] decided not to consider working together toward a possible joint sale.”

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Zach quickly hopped on the post to call his dad out for trying to change the narrative. All comments on Matt’s post have since deleted, but you can read Zach’s response here.

After getting their offer rejected, Zach and Tori moved their family to Washington state. Did the distance help cool things down between the father and son?

Zach & Matt Roloff awkward tension continues

Tori announced the move on her social media in October of 2021. On LPBW, the couple has just moved. In a recent episode, they gave Zach’s mom Amy and her new husband Chris Marek a tour of the new home.

In the episode airing on June 7, Matt Roloff gets his own welcome. He visits Zach, Tori, and their two kids in Washington. And he doesn’t show up empty-handed. A new trailer reveals that he gives the couple a rider mower as a housewarming gift and olive branch.

Despite Matt’s attempt at making up with his son, there is still awkward tension between the two.

After accepting the mower, Zach says, “The relationship’s still tense. And it’s not like what it was.” Furthermore, “It’s not gonna be the same.”

Click here to watch the exclusive trailer on E! Online.

Where do Matt and Zach stand now?

Will the father and son ever reconcile?

Is there a chance Matt and Zach Roloff can rebuild their bond after feuding over the farm? 

As of right now, things do seem better between the father and son. Matt has already met his new grandson, Josiah Luke.

Zach and Tori welcomed their third child in late April. He joins big brother Jackson, 5, and sister Lilah, 2.

However, Season 23 of LPBW just started last month. That means there’s still a lot of footage to come that could bring up bad feelings again.

It’s fair to say that Matt and Zach’s relationship will never be the same.

New episodes of LPBW air Tuesdays on TLC.

Do you think Matt and Zach will repair their relationship? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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