‘LPBW’: Future Of Pumpkin Season At Roloff Farms In Doubt?

Roloff Farms pumpkin patch

LPBW fans are concerned that Pumpkin Season at Roloff Farms is in doubt after some of the land goes up for sale. What does Matt say? Read on for all the details.

LPBW fans flock to Oregon for Roloff Farms event

If you’ve ever watched a full season of LPBW, you’ve likely seen the Pumpkin Season event. Fans of the show flock to Oregon to experience the fall spectacle in person.

Roloff Farms is situated in Hillsboro, Oregon, about 30 miles from Portland.

Matt Roloff and his entire family go all-out for the event. The family patriarch creates new attractions for guests to enjoy, including a wagon tour of the property and a spooky forest.

A pumpkin patch
Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season/Credit: TLC YouTube

Has Matt’s shocking bombshell about the future of Roloff Farms put the Pumpkin Season event in doubt?

Future of Pumpkin Season in doubt?

The LPBW star made headlines last week when he confirmed reports that he’s selling Roloff Farms. Fans breathed a sigh of relief when he clarified that he wasn’t selling the WHOLE farm, just a portion of the land.

He shared the news on his Instagram that 16 acres of the farm’s 109 acres are up for sale. His sons Jeremy and Zach previously expressed interest in buying some of the farm, but they couldn’t come to an agreement.

In fact, Zach seems to be feuding with his father over Matt’s version of how the negotiation unfolded.

Many fans are concerned about the fighting among the family. Others expressed their fear that Pumpkin Season wouldn’t continue after the farm is sold.

One fan took their concerns directly to the source, leaving a comment on Matt Roloff’s Instagram post asking if Pumpkin Season is still happening.

Luckily for LPBW fans, the reality star gave a concrete answer to the question. Yes, the Pumpkin Season event will continue despite a portion of the farm going up for sale.

Credit: Matt Roloff Instagram

Matt Roloff reassures fans on another matter

As viewers know, Matt’s ex-wife, Amy, got married on the farm in the summer of 2021. At the time, he shared plans of building a home for himself and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler on the property.

Are those plans still happening if the farm is up for sale? Matt Roloff let fans know that he is staying on the portion of the farm that’s not for sale.

Are you relieved that Pumpkin Season on Roloff Farms will continue despite the property going up for sale? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

New episodes of LPBW air Tuesdays on TLC.

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