Dannielle Merrifield Finds Out Shocking Truth On Season Premiere

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Dannielle Merrifield and her husband Garrick are back for another season of Seeking Sister Wife. It seemed they had found their third in Brazilian Roberta. However, all may not be perfect in their plural life.

Dannielle Merrifield Attempts To Overcome Jealousy

She was not always in a plural marriage. When Dannielle married Garrick over a decade ago, they were both religious but never talked about bringing in another wife. Then he had a calling that made him believe this was where their journey was headed. Unfortunately, Dannielle was not immediately on board. She had to pray a lot about this proposal but finally, she came to understand this was the best idea for the family. Plus they had been struggling a lot in their marriage so she went ahead and they started their search. Through a polygamist website, they met Roberta from Brazil. After some pursuit, they all flew to Mexico and met up.


Within two days, Garrick proposed and the Merrifields started the divorce process. They believed it would make it easier for Bert to come to America if she was marrying Garrick. Once the divorce was finalized, they returned to Mexico so Bert and Garrick could plan their wedding. This was hard on Dannielle because she started to experience jealousies she never had previously. On their final trip to Mexico, Garrick and Bert started the babymaking process, something they barely discussed with Dannielle. Her parents were trepidatious about all of it but eventually learned to love Bert. So, where does everyone stand now?

Reacting To The Truth

In the clips for Season 4, Dannielle Merrifield and Garrick are now pursuing a new woman named Lea. They have not seen Bert in around a year and are not sure where they stand. By the same token, they are looking back on some things that occurred last year. This includes Dannielle learning Garrick and Bert were intimate on their first night of the second Mexico trip. Not a big deal but Dannielle was going to stay behind alone in her room. Feeling bad for her, Bert suggested she come and stay with her and Garrick in their room. While Dannielle was running back to change and get her pajamas on, the other two got it on really quick.


This was kept secret until Bert had to confess what happened to Dannielle who was visibly hurt but acted cool. Now, she and Garrick are reflecting on that moment. Dannielle confesses she wishes she had been alone after Bert’s confession as she felt she was lied to. Bert preached all this stuff about family but clearly being intimate was more important. Garrick says it was honestly never planned and part of a plural relationship. Maybe this is why Dannielle is a tad combative when she reunites with Bert during in Brazil this season.

Do you think she can make it work in a plural relationship going forward? Watch the Season 4 premiere of Seeking Sister Wife on June 6th on TLC. 

Amanda Nowitz

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