‘SSW’ Fans Fire Shots At Dannielle Merrifield, Sick Of Her Posts?

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Dannielle Merrifield may have divorced her longtime husband Garrick in Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife. However, the couple maintained they were staying together. Yet they never shared any photos together on social media which was always suspicious. Now, with the new season set to start in a few weeks, are they overcompensating with too much love?

Dannielle Merrifield, An Abused And Ignored Wife?

It was very strange when Dannielle and Garrick shared their plan to divorce in the last season of SSW. They had decided to explore polygamy and met a Brazilian online named Roberta. After meeting up in Mexico, the three solidified their relationship with an engagement. Finally, the couple who had been struggling in their marriage for over a decade decided to call it quits. This would make it easier for Bert to come to the states if Garrick married her. Unfortunately, after the divorce, the three met up again in Mexico to plan their wedding. That was when Dannielle saw her now ex-husband with Bert and the jealousy set in.


He was like a high school boy who doted on his new toy and started to care less about what Dannielle wanted. This was no longer about what the family needed but more so what was good for Garrick. After they returned home, he rarely wanted to engage with Dannielle about her true feelings of insecurity. After Covid hit, he talked to Bert behind Dannielle’s back. The two decided to forego a wedding and go straight for a baby because they feared the future. Nothing was secured for Bert’s future but they did not care. That was where the season ended and a lot was up in the air after it all ended.

Too Much For The Fans To Swallow?

It has been a while since viewers had heard from the Merrifields but now it has been confirmed they are returning for Season 4. Dannielle Merrifield decided to post a lovey-dovey Instagram story focusing on Garrick. She shared how lucky she was to have him in her life and he reciprocated. Fans were not having it whatsoever and they had to speak out about it.


  • “She hasn’t left this smuck yet? What about Roberta?”
  • “I hate him. Literally HATE him. And I hate her for staying with him. I’m stressed out for them lol”
  • “It’s absolutely funny that they don’t post each other then season 4 comes out and bam time to post about my wife I secretly hate.”
  • “I can truly say I no longer feel sorry for her.”
  • “I don’t feel bad for her it’s her decision she says she loves him so”

There were so many more comments that it was endless. Fans actually felt bad for how poorly Garrick treated Dannielle last season. Finally, after how she gushed about him, they feel the two are meant to be.

Are you looking forward to the new season? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife on June 6th on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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