‘American Idol’ Fans Worried Ryan Seacrest Has Severe Health Issues?

American Idol Fans Worried Ryan Seacrest Has Severe Health Issues [YouTube]

American Idol fans are concerned about Ryan Seacrest. They think the host has severe health issues. This comes after fans think he had a stroke on live television.

Is Hollywood’s hardest-working producer working too hard? Ryan shared a throwback photo with American Idol alum Katharine McPhee. Fans think he “looks better” in the older photo.

However, it’s obvious that most people age. People aren’t going to look like what they did a decade ago. Check out the photo for yourself and let us know your thoughts.

Ryan Seacrest Is Hardest Working In Showbiz [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest posts throwback photo

Ryan Seacrest shared side-by-side photos that shocked American Idol fans. Some say he “looks better” in the throwback photo. Others are “concerned” about his health. They fear that the television star is keeping his health problems to himself.

On Thursday, June 2, Seacrest took to Instagram to share two photos of himself with Katharine McPhee. The first was a recent photo of the two together on set. Katharine wore a little black dress with a gold necklace and matching earrings. Seacrest had on a navy blue blazer with a black T-shirt.

Both of them had big smiles on their faces. Seacrest included a throwback photo of the two on the American Idol stage. He wore a light gray suit with a baby blue shirt and a dark gray tie. Meanwhile, Katharine wore a sleeveless turquoise silk top that she paired with dark denim jeans.

Katharine McPhee With Ryan Seacrest [Ryan Seacrest | Instagram]
[Ryan Seacrest | Instagram]
“Now & then. Another great show, thanks for coming by!” Ryan Seacrest captioned both pictures. Check them out both for yourself here.

The old photo was taken in 2007, which was 15 years ago. Yet, American Idol fans think Seacrest looks “so much better” then. It was clear that he’s changed a lot during the years. Most people rapidly age than others. While most preferred the old Seacrest, others think he looks good today.

Ryan Seacrest Has Stroke On TV? [YouTube]

Does Ryan Seacrest have health issues?

American Idol fans took to Seacrest’s Instagram post to share their thoughts. Most of them were in a state of shock. They declared that he look better back in the day. Others simply enjoyed the throwback post.

  • “Omg those are major throwback vibes right there!”
  • “Ryan literally looks so much better!”
  • “Wow, that [was] a minute ago.”
  • “You are insane.”

Fans are worried about the long-time host after American Idol wrapped on May 22. Some noticed that his eye twitched and drooped during the broadcast. In 2020, fans thought he was having a stroke in the air. Seacrest has been working non-stop for decades, juggling between jobs on American Idol, and On Air With Ryan Seacrest, among others.

Let us know your thoughts. Do you think Ryan Seacrest looked better back in the day? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. OMGosh seriously we are discussing Ryan’s health and why? Yes I like Ryan he is a great entertainer BUT if he runs his health into the ground because he choices to this is not important news. Move on and let’s discuss something that makes a difference in our life.

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