Why Did Mama June Marry Justin Stroud Yet Never Married Sugar Bear?


Mama June has taken the plunge with her boyfriend of five months, Justin Stroud. Yet this begs the question of why she never wed her longtime partner, Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson. Some fans weighed in on the situation and gave their theories.

Mama June Makes Men A Priority

It appears June Shannon cannot be alone. She was with Sugar Bear for several years, they were even engaged and had one child together. The duo starred in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo which revolved around their daughter, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo.’ It also showcased how they handled life with June’s other three children and the quirks that made them overall goofy and unique. It appeared they were headed down a positive path when they had a commitment ceremony. Unfortunately, it all went south and they ended up on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. There, June learned that SB had been unfaithful and their relationship ended.


She moved on with Geno Doak who she appeared to want to marry. At the same time, Sugar Bear moved on and married Jennifer Lamb. Though June was in love with Geno, their situation was extremely toxic. They ended up abusing substances together and swindling away her fortune. Ultimately, they ended up getting arrested and she ended up in rehab. Finally, she had the strength to walk away and seemed to care about mending fences with her girls. Alana was living with Pumpkin so it was time she got her head on straight. Sadly, she was still boy crazy.

Going To The Chapel

In March of this year, Mama June headed to the courthouse and married her boyfriend of roughly five months, Justin Stroud. Yes, they had known each other for roughly a year but it came out of nowhere. The news broke the other day and June confirmed it on her TikTok. Fans were shocked that she took such a leap. They were also surprised that she chose to make someone she literally knew for such a short period of time her first husband. They took to Reddit to share their theories as to why he made the cut:


  • “He looks like a younger version of sugar bear but with teeth”
  • “I thought she wouldn’t ever marry anyone. Wasn’t the camo “wedding” on TLC with Sugar Bear a commitment ceremony or something? What an embarrassment to her family she is right now.”
  • “She wanted to marry Geno, didn’t she? This woman is desperate for any man to love her. I wish she cared half as much about her poor kids…”

The general consensus is that she just wants love and that is fair. However, she does have a minor daughter who desperately needed her. Luckily, Pumpkin stepped up and did a great job with Alana. So great, in fact, it appears she gets to keep her. It was a well-deserved victory and just goes to show how amazingly well-adjusted the girls turned out regardless of June.

Why do you think June took the leap with Justin? Let us know in the comments and watch Mama June: Road to Redemption Fridays on WeTV.


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