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‘LPBW’ Fans Aren’t Buying What Tori Roloff Is Selling

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LPBW fans are normally 100 percent team Tori and Zach Roloff. Fans love their adorable little family and seem to agree that Jackson really steals the show. This season (Season 23), however, fans feel like they are seeing Tori in a new light. On Reddit, fans note they aren’t really feeling this new version of Tori Roloff. Likewise, fans aren’t buying the narrative she’s been trying to sell thus far. What is it that has fans taking a harder look at Zach’s wife? Keep reading for the details.

Tori Roloff insists she’s over Zach’s family

As Season 23 of LPBW moves forward, fans know Zach and Tori made an offer on a chunk of Roloff Farms. The deal did not go well and they ended up walking away. Sadly, the deal went so baldy that the relationship they had with Matt fractured. Fans aren’t sure if there’s hope for repairs on the relationship either.

Tori noted that it isn’t the end of the world that they didn’t get to buy Roloff Farms because her entire life has been consumed by Zach’s family. And, she’s ready to start focusing on her family instead. Zach agreed it was time for a change.

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Tori Roloff/Credit: TLC YouTube

LPBW fans aren’t buying this narrative

On Reddit, fans point out it doesn’t make sense as to why Tori and Zach wanted to buy a chunk of the farm in the first place if she was ready to put distance between her and her in-laws. These fans note they aren’t buying her narrative and feel like she and Zach are acting as if they are toddlers throwing a tantrum because they didn’t get their way.

One fan noted: “I don’t buy it. If she was so tired of being around her in-laws, why did she want to buy the farm? The only reason she is saying now that she’s tired of her in-laws because they didn’t sell them the farm at a bargain basement price.”

Tori Roloff - Zach Roloff - Little People Big World - Youtube
Tori Roloff – Zach Roloff – Little People Big World – Youtube

In defense of Tori, some fans speculate she only went along with his desire to buy some of Roloff Farms because she loved him and it is what he wanted. These fans believe Tori might’ve felt relief when the deal soured.

A fan argued in defense of Tori: “I think Zach wanted to buy the farm and she was willing to go along with that because she loves him. I do think she liked the idea of living on the farm but there’s always a point where you have to ask is it worth it and I think she hit the point where its not worth it.”

Other fans pointed out that if Tori Roloff truly didn’t like Matt and Caryn, why did she allow them to babysit Jackson and Lilah so often?

caryn chandler-instagram

Do you buy the narrative Tori Roloff is trying to sell this season? Or, do you agree with what fans have to say? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on LPBW.

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  1. If anyone watched the first episode, you would have seen the part where Tori says “that no one should talk to her husband that way”. That says alot about what has happened. Tori had always supported her husband and if you offend him, you are offending her. There’s no game, it’s pretty hurtful.

  2. No I think torri is hard to get along with.shes gotten more and more standoffs over the years and has gotten very bossy.but yeah I guess letting them watch her kids is a way to get a little break from the daily grind. Zack doesn’t let her run over him and that’s good.he stands his ground even though he’s closer to the ground LOL.
    I just think they jumped the gun and Zack should have taken his dad aside and away from “THE KAREN” and settled things between them. In my mind THE KAREN isn’t married to Matt and she shouldn’t have been part of the land negotiations in the first place.
    Matt should have set down with Zack just the two of them and worked something out if not let it go completly .I can understand the kids wanting to keep this wonderful property in the family for them and their kids but once Matt made it clear he still wanted control of what happens on the land and he wasn’t really trying to set the price at what none of the kids could afford .they should have picked up and let it go not let it ruin the family dynamic.But Matt aloud that to dispute because he allowed THE KAREN to be in the meeting with Zack and the other kids when they made their offer.
    But now that’s it all said and done they all need to let the hard feelings go and get back to be the close nit family they were.
    I’m not sure that can happen with THE KAREN in the mix.
    She really strikes me as controlling and mean.
    She will wind up destroying this whole family if she keeps butting her nose into the family business with the Land.
    THE KAREN needs to get out of the way of Matt and his kids relationships .
    Just be their or be gone

    1. She already has destroyed his relationship with his kids. It happened to my kids when their father and I split up. And they don’t realize or care so what can you do?

  3. I cannot stand Karen on little people, big world. She is controlling, bossy, gold digger and definitely is only with Matt for the money. Why else would she have her own house. She is the reason that Tori and Matt are feuding with them and it’s none of her darn business. She is not married to him and is ready to stroll him away! I’d be real weary of that! I’m hating the show now that she’s a part of it and I no longer will watch it. Unfortunately I believe Chris is only out for her money and we will see this in the near future I can put a large bet on this. It’s too bad that Amy is so gullible and believes he really loves her. You don’t wait all your life to get married to someone who obviously isn’t your type. She’s a hoarder, lost cook, horrible house keeper and they disagree on almost everything. I do feel bad for her she’s nice but Chris is such an obvious gold digger it’s impossible not to see through him.
    First get rid of Karen and allow the family to come back together and then watch out for Chris he and Karen may be in this together and can’t be trusted. Watch and see.

  4. Exactly my point, lose “The Karen” and I believe her and Chris have a plan of their own. It’s not likely the two couples would actually be friends, come in they can’t think we’re that gullible/stupid. Watch and wait it will all come out.These two, Karen and Chris can’t be trusted.

  5. Exactly my point, lose “The Karen” and I believe her and Chris have a plan of their own. It’s not likely the two couples would actually be friends, come on they can’t think we’re that gullible/stupid. Watch and wait it will all come out.These two, Karen and Chris can’t be trusted.

  6. Torie has got a big head and uses pictures of kids to make her money to live nice I use to enjoy watching them dont anymore

  7. I had never in the 22-23 seasons heard any of them say a cuss word. When Caryn was talking about Zach and Tori and said “who the fk/$ does that?” I KNEW she was the problem. She’s just Matt’s girlfriend. Not his wife. Why is she so involved in Matt and Zach’s meeting? Tori could of been there she’s MARRIED to Zach. Caryn is showing her true colors.

  8. Wow. A lot of turmoil in the comments. Especially about Amy Chris and Caryn. I love how people are quick to blame everything on the chosen partners of the parents. Leave them out of it. Caryn is supporting Matt in the business deals as she did and has done for years. She’s worked for Rolloff Farm
    for a long time. Neither of the girls should have been at the meeting in the first place, just as Jeremy didn’t take his wife to their negotiations for the farm.
    Now, Who the heck puts their kids in the middle of negotiations for a piece of property? You NEVER Threaten the grandparents with grandkids. Zach was very wrong to even say or think that way, after Matt and Caryn watch the little ones whenever they need to. Don’t ever use your kids as a threat. That’s not mature. And, then to move away from the farm?? Ok, Zach take your toys and run away. Not a Grown Up move.
    As, Jacob has commented in the past, the show needs ratings and the turmoil keeps the viewers coming back.
    Tune in next week.

  9. Caren has been friends with Matt and Amy and help manage the farm for years and so knows and has cared about the whole family for a long time. She isn’t a phony person. She was there for them long before problems developed. Chris came into the picture after Matt and Amy were divorced, but long before any settlement had come through for Amy. They were friends and fell in love while Amy was still living on the farm. He didn’t know, but what she might end up with a small settlement. He is a nice guy and I can tell that he truly cares for and adores Amy. Let us not project our own vices onto other people. Just because there are negative things that we might do, it doesn’t mean that is what other people would choose to do. Regarding Zack and Tori buying part of the farm: We weren’t shown the conversation that took place among Matt, Caren, Zack & Tori were we? I didn’t see it. It seems to me that perhaps Caren and Tori may have had words of disagreement. I certainly can tell that something went wrong between Matt and Zach. A lot of mistakes are made when we make assumptions, but I’m going to take that risk here. I am assuming that, when the time comes, the children, “all of the children” will get their inheritance of the farm (or from the farm). In the mean-time, I’m sure they could ‘practically live’ there should they choose to; so I “assume” they and the grandchildren do not have to lose out on the farm experience. So my advice to the family is this: “Don’t burn any bridges that, one day, you may want to cross back over.”

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