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‘LPBW’: Does Lilah Roloff Not Like Caryn & Matt?

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Tonight’s episode of Little People, Big World has fans thinking Lilah Roloff might not be a huge fan of Caryn Chandler and grandpa, Matt. Has the feud between Matt and Zach caused Lilah Roloff not to have the same relationship with her grandfather and Cha Cha as Jackson? LPBW fans believe that may be the case.

Warning: Article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode. 

Wait, does Lilah Roloff not like Matt and Caryn?

During tonight’s episode, Zach and Tori ghost on pumpkin season before making a brief appearance at the very end. Matt and Caryn were thrilled to see their grandchildren. They quickly cleared their schedule to give Zach, Tori, and the kids some attention. Sadly, fans noticed that Lilah Roloff didn’t appear to want much to do with grandpa or Cha Cha.

Lilah Roloff clung to her mother the entire time they sat at the table and talk. Tori engaged only with Lilah and made very little conversation. It actually appeared as if Tori was shielding Lilah and keeping her away from Matt and Caryn. While both Zach and Lilah were in matching outfits, Zach noted that Lilah wasn’t happy about wearing a costume and they basically forced her into it. Likewise, Zach and Tori took a bit of a low blow at Matt noting they only really came so the kids could see Mimi (Amy).

Little People Big World - Lilah Roloff - Tori Roloff- Amy Roloff - Youtube
Little People Big World – Lilah Roloff – Tori Roloff- Amy Roloff – Youtube

Weren’t happy with Matt’s visit?

Toward the very end of the episode, Matt Roloff made the trip to see Zach and Tori’s new house. Sadly, it appeared as if neither Jackson nor Lilah Roloff wanted much to do with grandpa, Matt. Matt shrugged it off noting the kids just woke from a nap and they were a bit grump. The clip, however, featured Tori leaving the room without being very welcoming and keeping Lilah to herself. Matt did admit he would have to work a little harder to get his relationship with his grandchildren back.

LPBW - YouTube
Lilah Roloff – YouTube

Is Lilah Roloff just young and shy?

In defense of Matt and Caryn, Lilah Roloff did cry and cling to Tori when Amy and Chris came to visit and see the new house. So, it is possible she’s just a lot less social than Jackson. Noticeably, however, Tori did not seem to shield or flee with Lilah when Amy and Chris visited. She was a lot more welcoming and interested in discussing the house with them. Is Tori Roloff hindering Lilah’s chance to bond with Matt and Caryn? Some fans think that could be the case.

Zach Roloff Instagram (Lilah Roloff)
Zach Roloff Instagram

Why do you think Lilah Roloff doesn’t seem to have the same love for Matt and Caryn as Jackson? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Roloff family.


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