‘Unexpected’ Did Lilly Bennett Finally Marry Longtime Love Lawrence?

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Unexpected fans watched as Lilly Bennett introduced her boyfriend Lawrence Bishop while pregnant with the couple’s first child. The two soon became engaged and were seen looking at a wedding venue in the Season 5 finale. Have the duo finally taken the leap into matrimony?

Lawrence And Lilly Start Their Unexpected Family

After Lilly took a hiatus from the series, she returned for Season 4 with a new man. After a failed relationship with James in Season 1, she was now a single mother to Aaliyah. Yet, she had found love again with Lawrence and now, she was expecting baby number two, her first with her new love. Lawrence was nervous about this huge life change but he was more than ready to step up and be a great father. This led him to pop the question to Lilly. Of course, she said yes, and then she went on to give birth to their baby boy, Lawrence.


Season 5 was all about adjustment and change for the newly engaged couple. Lilly had been living with her mother but now she and Lawrence would be living together with the two kids. This was a huge transition and it led to multiple fights between the couple. He could not understand why the home was not clean when she was a stay-at-home mom all day. Lawrence felt she should do more whereas Lilly felt men were out of touch with what moms went through. Still, they started to look at wedding venues and agreed to take their time planning but has that time come and gone?

Husband And Wife?

A recent Reddit thread was started after Lilly referred to Lawrence as her husband. This made fans wonder if they had tied the knot. The tell-all for the season airs this coming Sunday so it may all be revealed. Until then, there is just a lot of chatter and Redditors are split.


  • “Why has no one considered they got court house married and are saving up for a big wedding ceremony and reception ??? This is a very common occurrence many people do”
  • “Maybe? Who cares lol they basically were already. They don’t owe anyone an explanation just cause they’re on tv a few minutes once a week.”
  • “I’m guessing since the show is pre recorded they have been married for a bit. I keep forgetting it’s not current and actually about a year behind.”
  • “It’s a trend on TikTok. But yeah, no she doesn’t strike me as the type to get married in secret lol”
  • “Probably not I call my partner my husband too and we’re not married lol”

Maybe they are married and maybe Lilly just affectionately refers to Lawrence as her husband. Either way, as long as they are happy, that is all that matters.

Do you think they tied the knot? Let us know and watch the Unexpected tell-all Sunday on TLC.


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