Lisa Rinna BLASTED For Doxxing ‘RHOBH’ Fan

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Lisa Rinna blasted for doxxing RHOBH fan. Why did she publish someone’s phone number online? Keep reading and we’ll explain what happened.

Kathy Hilton reportedly feuding with DOOL alum

Season 11 breakout star Kathy Hilton has yet to appear on Season 12. Contract negotiations were rumored to stall her filming, though the official reason was her daughter Paris Hilton’s wedding.

Despite not yet appearing on the new season, Kathy Hilton is allegedly feuding with co-star Lisa Rinna. We don’t know the exact details of the falling out yet, but according to Meaww, Lisa Rinna stoked online rumors that Hilton made derogatory remarks while filming.

A woman with short brown hair
Lisa Rinna/Credit: Bravo YouTube

Now Rinna is in a social media war of her own with someone she claimed was Kathy Hilton’s assistant. What happened?

Lisa Rinna BLASTED for doxxing RHOBH fan

Over the holiday weekend, Lisa Rinna took to her Instagram stories to share an allegedly threatening message she received. In the text, an unnamed RHOBH fan threatens to expose the former soap star. Expose what exactly is never clear.

Lisa Rinna shared the message on her Instagram Stories. However, she neglected to black out the person’s phone number. Initially, she also posted on social media that the phone number belonged to Kathy Hilton’s assistant.

However, that seems to be false. Rather, the message came from someone who claims to be filming a new reality show called The Husbands of Sunset.

As a result of the RHOBH star blasting the fan’s number, they retaliated by leaking Lisa Rinna’s contact information.

Bravo fan account @queensofbravo posted the initial exchange on their Twitter account.

Many RHOBH fans blasted Lisa Rinna for leaking someone’s number online. In fact, some fans even called Lisa’s number, but only got her voicemail.

Did anyone get through to the reality star?

Her latest update gets more heat

After the mutual contact number leak, Lisa Rinna wasn’t quite done with the social media war yet. She took to her Instagram Stories on Sunday night to share her reaction to Bravoholics calling her.

“What a bonus getting to talk to so many nice people today,” she wrote. However, the owner of the number she leaked wasn’t having it.

He reshared Lisa’s post and called her out. “Not you leaking my number first and then trying to change the narrative,” he responded.

He also took a swipe at Harry Hamlin, telling Lisa, “You need to go worry about YOUR husband.”

Do you think Lisa Rinna crossed a line by doxxing an RHOBH fan and posting their number online? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

New episodes of RHOBH air Wednesdays on Bravo.

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