Lisa Rinna Trolls Kathy Hilton After Cease And Desist Letter

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna and Kathy Hilton’s issues are continuing to build. However, both Rinna and Hilton have different versions of the current conflict between them. Lisa is making a big deal out of co-star Kathy Hilton’s weekend outing claiming that Kathy just failed to show up for a work event. Rinna’s latest Instagram story (now deleted) Monday night has left not only all of her followers pretty confused but, Kathy as well.

Rinna was playing detective earlier over the weekend week and according to Reality Blurb reports came across a photo of Hilton with two other women which reveal Kathy’s recent whereabouts.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Lisa Rinna, Is She Stirring The ‘RHOBH’ Pot?

Lisa quickly took to social media to reveal Kathy’s absence from the RHOBH commitment. Instead of showing up for the show’s finale, Kathy decided to hit up a Super Bowl party hosted by former president Donald Trump instead.

As TV Shows Ace reported, Rinna and Hilton have been butting heads for the past several days over a cease and desist letter. Rinna teases about receiving the new cease and desist letter on Instagram, however, she did not share who the letter was from. She did, however, suggest that she and one of her co-stars both received the legal threat.

Per Radar Online reports something big has gone down between Rinna, Erika Jayne, and Kathy Hilton. The report states that Bravo was aware that Kathy Hilton was going to miss the season 12 finale due to her previous commitment. However, Lisa is suggesting there is more to it. Rinna also suggests that the legal letter comes from Hilton.

Conflict Between Kathy Hilton And Lisa Rinna Continues

There were a number of squabbles amongst the wives during their Aspen trip according to Kathy.

“They (the other wives) did have some squabbles…There were a few little squabbles where some people moved out of Kyle’s. So I was kind of left in the house by myself at one point states Hilton.

Kathy reveals hearing noises in the house around 3M and was becoming spooked.” So I contacted my husband and said, get me out of here. I was getting scared, hearing all the noises,” Kathy claims.

Credit: TVShowAce
Credit: TV Shows Ace

I didn’t know what company to call, so I didn’t know what to do. It was scary of being alone.”

Hilton also denies sending Lisa Rinna a cease and desist letter according to her rep who states; “Kathy has not sent a C&D to Rinna and she filmed all day. In addition, insiders reveal that despite the rumors Kathy and Lisa are actually on great terms with one another.”

However, Lisa Rinna is playing it off differently, after seeing the photo of Kathy, Rinna posts “Oh that’s where she was!!!!”

While fans remain a bit confused as to what actually went down in Aspen, and between Hilton and Rinna. Here is what we know for now. Reports reveal that an eyewitness claims that Kathy Hilton had an altercation at the Caribou Club.  The witness claims that Kathy allegedly brought up “white privilege” after she was set off by an employee refusing to help her contact the DJ to play the Michael Jackson hit “Billy Jean.”
The witness also adds the incident was followed by Hilton having a huge meltdown. Next, she was seen leaving the club with Lisa Rinna. So the mystery still remains. Could this all be just a big misunderstanding, or a clever build-up teasing the upcoming Season 12 of RHOBH?
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 will air later this year on Bravo.




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