Candace Cameron Bure's Heart Aches For Uvalde Shooting Victims [YouTube]

Candace Cameron Bure’s Heart Aches For Uvalde Shooting Victims

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Candace Cameron revealed that her heart aches for the Uvalde shooting victims. The GAC star broke her silence on the school shooting that happened on Tuesday, May 24. She explained why she’s kept quiet about the tragedy. The mother of three had to think long and hard about what she was thinking and feeling.

Like most, Candace can sense the pain that came from this week’s mass shooting. She took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday, May 26 to explain why she hasn’t posted about it. While most celebrities and public figures immediately flock to social media to express grief, shock, or prayers, the former child star wanted to hit pause.

Candace Cameron Bure Speaks On Uvalde Shooting [Candace Cameron Bure | Instagram]
[Candace Cameron Bure | Instagram]

Critics slam Candace Cameron Bure for her silence

Once again, Candace Cameron Bure received backlash on Instagram for her silence following the tragedy. Fans and followers of the Fuller House star noticed that she promoted her devotional Bible and other products, but those were scheduled. They also noticed that she didn’t address the school shooting. Candace posted on her Instagram Story why she didn’t say anything sooner.

“Hi friends,” Candace Cameron Bure greeted her followers, per People. “I wanted — actually, I didn’t want to come on here, but I am because, you know, seeing what happened in our country — all of us process things differently, and some of us need more time to process it.”

Candace Cameron Bure Cries [Candace Cameron Bure | Instagram Stories]
[Candace Cameron Bure | Instagram Stories]
The Hallmark Channel alum admitted that she needed time to process what happened. While others are “ready to scream and yell and shout from the rooftop,” she wants to “feel more and figure out when we feel ready to share those feelings.” Candace wanted to share those feelings with her followers when she was ready.

“I am a deep feeler, and I don’t always feel like social media is the place I want to run to first to share my heart, particularly when it’s grieving, and so that’s why I’ve been silent,” Candace Cameron Bure said as she broke down in tears.

Full House star addresses the criticism

Candace Cameron Bure also had words for the people who criticized her for staying silent amid the Robb Elementary School Shooting, in which 19 students and two teachers were killed. She said that no one should judge what others post or don’t post on social media.

“I don’t believe in silence or lack of posting is a representation of what someone is thinking, feeling, or doing,” Candace Cameron Bure continued. “The more and more I have this relationship with social media, there are things I love about it, but there’s a lot that I really am pulling away from and that is sharing certain things — particularly when it comes to tragedy, grief, politics, and a lot of social issues that our country disagrees on.”

Candace Cameron Bure grieves with America

The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries star explained to her followers that she feels they try to dissect her messages. She feels that it’s more important for people to give the tragedy and the U.S. in private.

“So, with the tragedy and the loss of those 21 people, that is so hard. And as a mother, I just give and I want to grieve with the people of Uvalde and the families,” she said as tears streamed down her face. “My heart hurts for you, but that’s all I want to say on social media right now.”

Candace Cameron Bure Breaks Silence [Candace Cameron Bure | Instagram Stories]
[Candace Cameron Bure | Instagram Stories]
Candace Cameron Bure assured her followers that she’s also grieving the shooting that took place at a supermarket in Buffalo earlier this month. She reminded her fans that they don’t have to share everything on social media. During her time on The View, she called for stricter gun laws following the San Bernadino, California shooting in 2015, which killed 16 people.

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  1. Candace has/had every right to say something about the massacre when she was ready. Not immediately after the tragic event. She is her own woman that doesn’t have to answer to anyone but herself and God. This massacre is the worse shooting in a while and when 10 year old children lose their lives in this manner it shakes you to your core. Especially when another mass shooting occurs a week or two before the Texas school shooting not everyone was able to process that event. There have been so many shootings already this year they seem to come so much more every time. So please stop slamming someone who you think takes to long.

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