Janelle Brown Excited For A Summer Season First

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As the weather heats up, many people are really excited to get outside and take advantage of the nice weather. And this includes many reality TV stars. Janelle Brown is no exception. So what is she up to these days?

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Janelle Brown is exploring her more adventurous side this season

Kody and Janelle Brown are still married. But both parties really seem interested in different things these days. Kody spends most of his time with his fourth wife Robyn Brown. Meanwhile, Janelle is really focused on her business and exploring the world.

Janelle Brown/TLC

And it seems like Janelle is really eager to get out and explore this summer.

“Hiking today! So excited! First time I’ve been able to get out this season,” the TLC star posted on her Instagram stories. She posted the text over hiking boots and a hat. At the bottom of the post, she gave fans an option to vote whether or not they enjoyed hiking.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Janelle didn’t quite say where she planned to hike. But fans really love to see her enjoying herself.

This isn’t the first time in 2022 the Sister Wives star had a chance to explore either. She recently had a chance to tour Portugal as part of a trip she won through Plexus.

โ€œLISBON, PORTUGAL!โ€ Janelle captioned an Instagram video when she went on her trip. โ€œFirst international trip for me since 1987 โ€“ 1988. I qualified for an all expense paid trip with Plexus in a contest last year and here we are ๐Ÿ˜€ Stay tuned for lots of photos ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€โ€

Janelle’s youngest child Savannah is nearly out of high school. Her oldest children are all adults and have lives of their own now. Fans believe it’s definitely time that Janelle had more time to enjoy herself these days.

Are the Sister Wives stars engaging in unethical business practices?

Even though Christine Brown left the family, she and Janelle seem to keep their friendship alive. Janelle made an appearance at Christine’s fun roaring 20s-themed birthday party. And all their children seem incredibly close too.

But even so, some Sister Wives fans feel like Christine and Janelle may not be incredibly honest in their business endeavors. The two women both sell Plexus, which is a weight-loss MLM.

Sister Wives/TLC

In a Reddit thread, some viewers discussed how unethical it was to sell MLM products in the first place — but especially if a person has a large audience base like the Sister Wives stars do.

Furthermore, many fans argued that neither Janelle nor Christine have done any actual investigation into Plexus products. They believe the women just care about money and profits.

It’s definitely a grey area for sure and everyone has their own opinion. But what do you believe? Leave your opinions in the comments below. Follow TV Shows Ace online for more stories like this one.

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