‘Sister Wives’: Fans Share Their Unpopular Opinions Online

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Sister Wives fans are definitely a very opinionated bunch. Most fans will agree that they don’t care much for family patriarch Kody Brown. But what are some of the most unpopular opinions that fans have?

There’s actually a Reddit thread that explores this. Some Sister Wives fans are really sick of all the hate Meri Brown gets and opted to stick up for her. Keep reading to find out more.

Sister Wives fans take to Reddit to share unpopular opinions

Many Sister Wives fans are content to hate on their least favorite cast members. Time and time again, Kody, Robyn, and Meri Brown are the target of online bashings. But one Reddit thread took things in a different direction.

Sister Wives/TLC

“Unpopular opinion: Y’all hating on any given wife are wrong,” the original Reddit poster began. “I wrote this in response to an anti-Meri thread… and it pretty much sums up my feelings on the show as a whole. (All “she” references can be switched to “MERI” for reference… really in any given situation tbh):

“‘Let me preface this by saying that if she were acting this way in a normal situation… I hate it. She reminds me of a toxic family member of mine who truly has a normal family situation and has no need to act this way…

That said… She’s in a very abusive situation and some of these same behaviors are survival tactics to appease abusers. So while everyone is rolling their eyes and judging Meri… I’m gonna reserve my judgment on her and place my sights squarely on the self-appointed ‘GENERAL’ of the family and the toxic nature of the relationships he’s cultivated.”

Many other Reddit users readily agreed that the hate for Meri some Sister Wives fans have can be pretty harsh.

Sister Wives/TLC

“Overall I feel there is a lot of hate for these people in general,” another Reddit user added. “I originally came on here to do to the same, but after reading some of the posts I realized, I don’t want to contribute to this. I am no better or worse than anyone else. Sometimes I think we all forget this is reality tv, of course they are not going to show a nice quiet family with no drama, who would watch that.”

Many fans really appreciate Meri Brown’s softer side

These Sister Wives fans aren’t the only ones that want to stick up for Meri. There are other threads dedicated to her relationship with Mariah’s little dog, Mosby. It’s clear that the Sister Wives star really loves dogs — and they love her back too.

Meri Brown/Instagram

What are some of your own unpopular Sister Wives opinions? Let everyone know in the comments. Keep following TV Shows Ace online for the latest TLC news. There’s always something new to talk about.

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  1. Well said. Meri gives me insight on a lot of rotten subjects. Like she says If life gets rough, cover the poop with dirt and move on. Good advice. Skip the toxic people and enjoy your pets.

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