Jason Korpi Says TLC Did Him Dirty, Made Him Look Bad, How?

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Jason Korpi has become the least desired player. The Unexpected teen father has made fans want to turn the channel. They have even started petitions to get him removed from the hit TLC reality series. Is he now claiming that the network has actually painted him in a bad light?

Jason Korpi Scares Viewers Into Flipping The Channel

When Season 5 started, two new couples joined the show. Jason and his girlfriend Kylen Smith were one of them. They had been together roughly a year and were expecting a baby boy. He was adamant that he did not like to use protection but it did not work so well for him. Now they were preparing for the baby, but he was in charge of everything. He made sure Kylen was kept away from her family even when she reminded him it was normal for teens to see their parents. Jason was also controlling about where his baby was going to be born.


Though Kylen wanted to give birth in a hospital, he wanted a home birth. He believed it would give him more control and the ability to be hands-on. That moment solidified how much fans despised Jason and believed he was both manipulative and abusive. They started to form petitions to get him removed from the show. Some even attempted to contact the network as they did not think he should get paid for his behavior. Now he is claiming TLC may have done things to make him look worse than he actually he is.

Bad Editing?

A recent Reddit thread came out with a screengrab of Jason Korpi attempting to defend himself. He is discussing the epidural situation when a home birth became impossible. Therefore, Kylen had to go to the hospital and an epidural was almost essential for safe delivery. The way he reacted to Kylen accepting the shot was over the top and got him removed from the hospital. It was deemed he was not creating a stress-free space for delivery. He did not like an epidural as he felt the baby would be born addicted to drugs since he believed it had fentanyl in it. The thread was about how he informed Jason thinks he is but still cannot spell fentanyl. However, he had much more to say in his comments.


He alleges that TLC did him “dirty” when he was just trying to look out for his son and girlfriend. More so, he alleges that the network cut out parts where Kylen said she did not want the epidural. Unfortunately, he added she does not know how to speak up so he did it for her. He also claims she does not remember the birth yet he does acknowledge she was in a lot of pain. Finally, Jason says it was the epidural that caused Xavier to get stuck. There’s so much to unpack with this and the fans had a field day. He seems to be sticking to his story and maybe the truth will come out at the tell-all.

Do you think TLC has edited Jason to look worse than he is? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

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