‘Unexpected’ See Jason Korpi’s Arrest Charges, Including Aggravated DUI


Unexpected bad boy Jason Korpi was arrested a few months back with eleven pending charges. Now there are even more details on his February arrest. Included are how many of his charges are misdemeanors and how many are violations.

An Unexpected Destructive Cast Member

Jason has been a problem since prior to Season 5 of the hit TLC series airing. A hole was seen punched in his wall in one of his TikTok videos so that became a physical assault issue. Still, the show went on but not in his favor. He came off as controlling, manipulative, rude, and abusive. Fans were shocked that no one was intervening on his girlfriend, Kylen’s behalf. Yet, he kept her parents at arm’s length believing that there was no need for her to see them. He would much rather the couple hang out with his friends. Furthermore, he made all of the decisions when it came to the pregnancy and birth plan.


This was a hard pill for viewers to swallow because unless he was giving birth, he had no reasons to call the shots. He was against an epidural, a hospital birth, a cervical exam, it was a mess. Kylen went along with what he wanted because she deferred to him for everything. In the end, he was removed by security from the hospital when Kylen was in labor. They told him he had to leave or they would call the police. In the end, he did exit but he would see the police in the very near future.

Arrested Development

When Jason was arrested back in February, he was facing eleven charges. Now, Starcasm has even more details on everything that transpired the night that the teen dad was arrested. Apparently, he was driving while intoxicated with alcohol in his car. He did not want to succumb to the police so he kept his headlights off. Jason proceeded to run a STOP sign, lost control of his car, and nearly hit a police car as well as three people standing in front of it. Furthermore, his license was suspended and he had the prior owner’s registration in the car.


Some of his eleven charges include:

  • Disobeying an Officer
  • Aggravated DUI
  • Transport Alcohol By Minor
  • Unregistered Vehicle

Seven of these are violations while the rest are currently misdemeanors. He was scheduled to be arraigned on May 3 but as of now, there are no new updates on this case. Of course, as soon as there are, we will let you know. What do you think the punishment will be? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

Amanda Lauren


  1. Why is this abuser still on TV? Shame on you TLC. I watch a lot of TLC shows, but no more. That they would even let Jason have one minute of air time is disgusting. Do better TLC.

  2. Jason, you are a Dick. With a capital D. You are a gutter boy. Your son will grow up being ashamed of his father. Unless you change and change fast. Your Father seems like a great guy. Soooo what happened to you? You need a good old fashioned ass whuppin! Hopefully you will get it soon.

  3. What is scary is she willingly gives all her power away. Most of the time the kid has no idea what he is talking about and actually put mom and baby in danger during labor and delivery. Those of us above the age of 16 or above an iq of 20 can see he is talking out of his fanny. Once out of his parents house he will start hitting her, he will control and alienate her from friends and family. And she will loose ten years of her life trying to get out alive! Run girl and save yourself and that baby!

  4. I have watched ALOT of reality tv and i have never wanted to jump thru my tv and just knock anyone out more than i wanted to do with Jason… He showed absolutley no regard to anyones feelings other than his own…putting her and the baby in jeopardy because he wanted total control..would love to see him hooked up to a labor simulator for 48 hrs and no breaks or pain medicines so he could see what she was going thru….i doubt he would last..
    As far as his charges go, he should spend time in prison for his charges and lets see just how much of a man he thinks he is after hes out..
    ALSO, im outraged that TLC would actually allow such mental and emotional abuse to continue on the show and i pray that Kaylen gets alot of therapy from this….She deserves to be treated so much better than that and pray that the precious little boy never grows up to be like Jason…its time to break the cycle before it starts.

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